: Bell imposters trying to scam people!

2009-04-22, 07:08 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a scam going around. There is some people calling acting as bell giving a great package deal for TV/Phone/Net. It is a reasonable cost so it sounds legitimate; do not fall for it as it is a scam!

My mom ordered through them thinking it was Bell and I later called to ask bell for a confirmation number and Bell said there is nothing in their system for our order. My mom gave her credit card number over the phone and the actual Bell rep said that they do sometimes ask for a credit card but NEVER for an expiry date which the scammer did ask for.

So please beware and do not give any of your information to them. If 'Bell' calls offering you something, ask for a number you can call them back at.

Btw I live in Durham Region (East of Toronto).

Bell is aware of the scam:

2009-04-22, 07:36 PM
I had a strange call similar to this about 2 weeks ago. However this time, it was from a so-called Rogers rep who claimed I was behind on my Rogers bill (by about $130) and that if I didn't provide them with a credit card number right now, they'd cut out my service and consider legal action.

I didn't fall for it. I asked for a case number and that I would be calling back right away because I didn't trust the call. The woman refused to comply and remained quite rude. I hung up, called Rogers and they confirmed that my account was in good standing and that they never called me.

I do not trust giving away my credit card number unless I initiated the call myself. This way I know who I'm talking to.

2009-04-22, 08:01 PM
Wow what these cooks will do these days is scary. Just so everyone knows they can fake the caller ID info very easily... so even if your caller ID says "Bell Canada" or "Rogers" it could still be a crook out to get your card number...

The police always say don't give your card number out to anyone that just calls you up for what ever reason. If they claim to be someone like Rogers... then hang up and call the Rogers number listed in the yellow pages.

2009-04-22, 08:05 PM
Yes. When I said that I'd be calling right back, I meant I was going to call the number that is on my Rogers bill. Definitely not the number on my caller ID.

Ex Agent EV
2009-04-22, 09:10 PM
Don't be too quick to judge...

Bell does make tons of telemarketing calls per day... Lots of their sub-contractors also do...

When BellTV calls and sells an ALL IN ONE package (rental units) they always ask a credit card number to charge the ALL IN ONE KIT to. ALL IN ONE KIT is 50$ for non-pvr SD receiver and 100$ for pvr or HD receiver. All the compagnies i've dealt with that accept credit card payment does ask for the expiry date of the card, nothing unusual there.

BellTV systems and programms are far from being the best. Their programm often "freeze'" while placing and order. It could also be that the agent didn't type your mom's number correctly, making it impossible for the agent to trace the order by telephone number (the way they first try to proceed).

Did the agent try to open the pre-registered account (that is created when the order is placed) by your mom's name?
Did he try to open the account by the adress?
Did the agent tried to open OM (their tech sehedule tool) to see if there was, indeed, an appointement?

In lots of cases the agent will just try to open the account with the telephone number given by the future client, than, if it didn't work claim there is no account for that number. It is probably what happenned with your mom. Investigate at BellTV. Tell your mom to have them open the account with the name, adress or to check OM...if there is nothing then yes, you could consider it is possibly a fraud. It could also be that the order for some reason just didn't go throught. Make sure to your mom looks at all the transaction appearing on her credit card bill, just in case

2009-04-22, 09:20 PM
none the less..giving away your credit card number and security code is like writing someone a blank check.

There is no way I'm giving anyone my credit card digits over the phone. Bell or no bell.

i hate tv
2009-04-22, 09:23 PM
A fool and his money are soon parted...
There are a lot of crooks out there, trying to take advantage of peoples trust...

2009-04-22, 10:58 PM
I know its a scam because we thought it was a great deal so told my cousin about it, who went through the same process (of course we had to give them my cousin's number since they did not give out their number). He called Bell up and coincidentally they had no order or anything for him either.