: Atlas 5 button remote - VCR help

2009-03-18, 05:36 PM
I have just setup the Rogers/Atlas 5 button remote control. I can get VCR functionality except for programming. I can't program start and stop times I have to use the actual remote for that. The VCR remote has a separate button for programming. I have tried all the other codes for my model as well.

Has anyone got their VCR to work with this type of setup?

Thanks in advance.

2009-03-18, 05:37 PM
the menu keys r locked to the converter box, you have to punch in the code to disable cable lock.. and your good

2009-03-18, 06:55 PM
falcios, if your Atlas remote is the same as mine it is a learning remote. Check the booklet that came with the remote. You make make the Atlas remote learn the code for the "programming" button.