: Plasma causing shocks?????

2009-03-17, 01:55 PM
Recently got the Panny th50px80 and love it however whenever my mom watches tv for any amount of time she builds up a static charge and then when she goes into the kitchen or anywhere in the house she gets shocked by touching metal. this has only started happening since the tv got here. I have never heard of any type of problem like this just wondering if anyone else has or if this could be a sign that something in the tv isnt working properly. Thanks in advance

2009-03-17, 02:18 PM
Plasmas generate a lot of heat and this could be decreasing the relative humidity in the room (as the air is heated without adding any humidity). The TV is about a 400W electric heater if operating in the default picture mode.

With decreased relative humidity comes more static. I suspect that if your mother sat in the same room reading a book, the same thing might likely happen...

Her location and outside temperature would probably help us understand and comment on the situation too.

A proper setup of the plasma may reduce energy consumption somewhat...


2009-03-17, 04:03 PM
new house, hardwood floors ,near front door normal room temp temp outside 0-10 degrees celsius....using a monster 2100 series surge protector to help clean up the power......57 what suggestions would you have to set up the tv properly? I figure your not talking about things like DVE. I do know my stuff as Ive been selling consumer electronics the past 6 years but have never come about anything like this. Other people use the room without the tv on and no such static buildup occurs so it deffinately is to do with the tv or could it be other home theatre components???? av receiver ,shaw box, and dvd player hooked up to plasma.

2009-03-17, 04:44 PM
57 what suggestions would you have to set up the tv properly? I provided a link at the end of my previous post.

If the other components were added at the same time as the TV, then of course they could also come into play and also generate heat. It's certainly possible that something is not right electrically, but I'm not able to comment on that. Perhaps others here can, or have ideas.

So, you're saying this doesn't happen with the TV off? Does it happen to other people with the TV on? What type of slippers does your mom wear, did anything else change when you got the plasma? Is your mom a thin person with dry skin? I assume that everything is properly grounded - does the surge protector show if it's not for example?