: Bell to acquire The Source retail chain

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2009-03-02, 04:13 PM
Bell today announced it has agreed to acquire national consumer electronics retailer The Source to further enhance the growth of Bell's wireless, digital TV, Internet and home phone services.

In addition to its lineup of consumer electronics products, The Source plans to carry the full array of Bell consumer services at its more than 750 stores across Canada, including Bell Mobility, Solo Mobile and potentially Virgin Mobile wireless products and services, Bell TV's High Definition television services, high-speed Bell Internet, and Bell Home Phone products, by January 2010.

2009-03-02, 04:31 PM
Wow. That effectively locks out Rogers (and other competitors) from a major retail chain that once exclusively sold their wireless products.

I wonder what Bell is going to do with The Source stores in certain locations (malls) that already have a Bell Store?

2009-03-02, 04:46 PM
That's an odd acquisition considering that most Source stores are in malls that already have dedicated Bell stores or kiosks.

Arthur Dent
2009-03-02, 05:43 PM
I wonder if this spells the end of what was left of "Radio Shack" in Canada.

2009-03-02, 05:44 PM
Might they not lock competition out of the store? maybe they are just saying they are going to add there full product lineup to the store and sell products from Rogers and telus already in there stores now?

2009-03-02, 06:23 PM
That is completely crazy. Reading other articles (http://www.canada.com/Business/Bell+Canada+Circuit+City+Source/1345559/story.html)I found this:
Other than the eventual exclusion of Rogers products, Bell plans to keep all other product lines on at the chain.

2009-03-02, 06:33 PM
I hope they keep the parts section of the store!
What's next? Rogers or Shaw buys FutureShop???

i hate tv
2009-03-02, 06:55 PM
From personal experiences, BellWorld stores have been less than helpful for our family...
Knowledge of their products was usually less than stellar, especially with BellTv, and the wait times were usually at least 5 minutes...(I know 5 minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but...)
Maybe some "competition" will force them to try and focus more on customer service...

2009-03-02, 06:59 PM
Well I assume the salespersons would be pushing Bell and not Star Choice

2009-03-02, 07:03 PM
I suspect the source will continue to sell competing company's products if they wish to stay in business but you will now see the full line of Bell products.

I suspect this has something to do with Best Buy having a virtually monopoly on Consumer electronics in this country. Without a competitive marketplace, Bell must feel that they have to "secure" distribution by buying the Source.

HT gearhead
2009-03-02, 07:42 PM
Ya right, Star Choice will be the first thing to disappear from the store.
You wait and see.

2009-03-02, 08:09 PM
Wow, thats so krezi. The Source CC from hereon im now calling The Source BCE.

Thats Krezi, now that means one of the biggest rogers wireless authorized stores will be owned by Bell, lol krezi krezi, someones a fawzi

2009-03-02, 08:19 PM
I wonder if this spells the end of what was left of "Radio Shack" in Canada.
Radio Shack in Canada has long been dead before this...

2009-03-02, 08:29 PM
I give it a year, 18 months tops and what's left of the former Radio Shack chain ie the Source will be gone - shuttered.

Sirius Guy
2009-03-02, 08:48 PM
Does anyone actually shop at the Source anymore?
Their accessory prices are retarded compared to the big box stores.
SC remotes they sell for $60.00, etc etc etc....

This coming from a guy who had a Radio Shack ASC dealer franchise for over 10 yrs..:o

2009-03-02, 09:11 PM
LONSat, what's your reasoning?

The Source is profitable under current management. Creditor protection was only required because of Circuit City's bankruptcy, nothing related to The Source's operations. Bell has already stated that they will not make any changes to management at The Source. The only tangible impacts are naming (at a minimum "by Circuit City" to be dropped) and no renewal of the Rogers exclusive. Possibly an end to Rogers Wireless products and maybe Star Choice as well, but as hugh points out, that's not a given.

In light of all that, why the suggestion that they will fold?

2009-03-02, 09:36 PM
Sure hope they stay true to not dropping product lines.
I could see one less supplier of some OTA products for the future.
(Sure, they're not the cheapest, but for some, it's the only store around.)

2009-03-02, 09:37 PM
I see disaster all over this. Not sure Bell needs to get into regular retail stores.

2009-03-02, 10:08 PM
One of the reasons I used to go to The Source was for electronic parts.

Late last year they were liquidating a good chunk of their parts selection.
When I asked the salesperson why, he said they weren't making enough money on them and were advising people to go to places like Active Electronics or other dedicated electronics parts stores.

That's fine for folks that live in larger urban areas, but for electronics hobbyists in smaller areas it's not good news.

2009-03-03, 08:31 AM
Yikes, now I'm really glad that the Teacher's Pension takeover of BCE fell through.

On the one hand, The Source' business model is tired and doesn't work. So if they change nothing, they will just continue to fizzle. It's more likely that their competitors will pull out, so they would just be the same old store with less selection.

On the other hand, if they just turn it into a chain of Bell stores, all they have bought is retail locations with employees who not necessarily committed to the Bell mission.