: Rogers cable Americian channel line up in London,On

2009-02-22, 07:19 PM
Hello fellow forum people
I am very pleased to have the Detroit channels included in my Rogers line up here in London.
For example ABC,CBS, NBC and FOX are Detroit Feeds.
here's my issue, there are no Detroit feeds for PBS, My and CW networks.
Respectfully they offer PBS (Erie), ABC (Erie) and NBC (Erie). These kinda make sense on account they are about 100 miles away but if your gonna go that way why not add CBS (Erie) and FOX (Erie)?
My (Cleveland) is offered or better known as WUAB (Lorain, OH) and My (Buffalo) and CW (Buffalo) on upper Digital's are offered also.
Some of the picture quality on these feeds are not the greatest too.
Is there a rational answer that someone knows?

2009-02-23, 06:17 PM
WTVS Detroit (PBS) is located on ch-163.

2009-02-23, 07:53 PM
There is a lot of history as to why London has the US feeds that they do. Originally most of the US feeds came from Erie with some duplicates from Detroit (ABC NBC and CBS). The Fox feed was piped in from Buffalo originally IIRC. WUAB was picked up across the lake for Baseball games. It was originally an independent and could be picked up fairly reliably OTA except for some funky reception in the summer as cold fronts and storms crossed between London and Cleveland over the lake.

An affiliation change in Detroit meant that that CBS flipped to Fox and was initially dropped. A duplicate Fox was not allowed (the original US net duplication is sort a grandfathered situation) I believe it was brought back because of protest over the loss of local Tigers Baseball coverage. Adding it back meant the dropping of FOX Buffalo. A little later CBS Detroit replaced CBS Erie as the primary feed. Not sure what the reason for that was unsless WSEE became difficult to receive OTA. The Erie stations which used to have better placement on the dial have been bumped up higher over time. In a sense the primary feed of US nets used to be Erie but over time this has changed to Detroit becoming the primary source for Nets with the exception of PBS which is still primarily Erie - and if it ever were dropped by Rogers in London would probably lead to WQLNs demise. I believe Detroit's PBS station is available as a digital channel on a discretionary tier. Besides PBS Detroit deviates from the main network a lot and didn't carry Lawrence Welk and you didn't mess with Lawerence in staid old London at the time.

Many of these stations which could be received OTA probably could not now be picked up now OTA because of interference from adjacent channels and rebroadcasters that cover South Western Ontario. SWO is probably one of the most congested places for broadcast signals be it AM FM VHF or UHF