: Shaw overcharging me?

2009-02-22, 02:46 AM
I've just been looking at my shaw bill, prices on their website, and prices they had on their website 12 months ago. What I've noticed is that for shaw extreme internet I should be paying $42 each month when bundling with digital/hd tv. Looking at my bill below, does it same that shaw has been billing me $13.95 extra? If so, this has been happening for 9 months.

Entertainment Bundle - 57.95
HD Plus Package - 9.00
Digital Service 7 al carte picks x 2.95 = 20.65
7 Pack Discount -12.70
Canadian Timeshift Package - 3.95
High-Speed Xtreme-I - 10.00
High-Speed Internet - 45.95
Purchased Modem Discount -5.00
GST - 6.49
PST - 6.43
Total Current Charges - 142.72

Richard Travale
2009-02-22, 03:42 AM
I'm pretty sure that the extreme addition to your internet is not a part of any bundle. It's always $10 more.
Why don't you just give them a call and voice your concern? A CSR will answer any questions you have and go over your bill with you.

2009-02-22, 03:51 AM
Unfortunately, shaw's website (http://www.shaw.ca/en-ca/ProductsServices/Internet/Xtreme-I/) disagrees. I certainly will call them, I am just used to most CSRs being of very little help, so wanted other opinions or what to expect when calling. I will certainly post back with what happens.

2009-02-22, 12:03 PM
It looks like you're not getting the bundle discount. I had the same problem when my initial 6 month promo expired and I went on regular billing. I called the first month it happened and they fixed it.

2009-02-22, 03:23 PM
i had something similar, they'll credit your account.

on a side note, that's a lot of stuff you have. full cable, hdplus, pick 7, timeshifting, extreme internet. i don't really notice any difference in the xtreme to regular, and i think they just upped the speeds on all of them.

your paying alot and you aren't even getting any phone service.

2009-02-22, 06:37 PM
Well I called Shaw today, and I was reminded of their excellent customer service. Within minutes I was talking to a rep, and after putting me on hold for about 8 minutes to review my last 9 months of billing (the entire time I've been a customer) he realized I had not been getting the bundle discount after my promotional period ended so credit that amount to my account.

As additional compensation, I was given SC and MC free for a month and half and it is set to auto-cancel so I don't have to call in to cancel if I don't want to keep it.

Wonderful service.

brucered I do realize that my bill is still a bit high, and will likely switch to 1 or 2 al la carte channels and ditch the time shift eventually, but it does only save about $11 doing so. I'll not drop the HD nor will I drop the extreme internet. I'm not one who likes to wait for downloads, for I appreciate the 15 Mb downloads. For what it's worth, I use voip.ms for my phone service at $0 a month and 1/2 cent a minute, so I could never see paying shaw for their phone service.

I appreciate all the responses, even though my question was not totally warranted. I'm just used to dealing with bell and years ago Time Warner in the states.