: FDC -> Error

2009-02-20, 05:43 PM
My girlfriend has a SA 3200 STB and over the last few days she has been complaining of it acting up. So I finally came over to take a look at it and was going through the information screens and found something odd. Under FDC signal, instead of getting a dB reading, there is the following in purple '> Range'. Thats it. Nothing more. Normally there is a reading there, is there not? There is a siginficant amount of pixiliation going on, but QAM signal strength is in the optimal range, typically hovering about +3. This is the first time we have ran into this problem, as the unit has been working fine and without issue for the last year.

I am hoping this has nothing to do with the unit, but nothing has changed wiring wise in the setup in the last week. Right now I have unplugged the terminal, seeing if an extended power off will help solve the problem. Any ideas? Would a booster help (I don't think it will but I am open to suggestions)?

2009-02-21, 09:47 AM
I'm in tech support, and I would suggest a service call, based on what you're describing. You said no-one has touched anything, but regardless of that, I would suggest you check to make sure that the line is still secure. There won't be any charge for the service call as long as there is no personal equipment (splitters, vcrs, etc.) on the line before the main line gets to the digital box.

As to a booster, well, that may work, but you have to be careful on what you get. It needs to be bi-directional and allow around 1000MHz passthrough range. I've priced those out at a couple of electronics stores, and they aren't cheap. If a service tech comes out, and determines one is needed, he would install it at no charge to you.

Also, if it is the actual DSTB, and it's a rental box, it is covered under warranty. If it's one you've purchased, it's under warranty for a year.

Regardless, I would suggest you call sooner than later. There will be a system maintenance downtime starting tonight around 10pm, lasting until around noon tomorrow, and we won't be able to do diagnostics or book service calls in that window.

2009-02-22, 09:41 PM
Just a follow up on this, as I would much rather try to find a solution that doesn't involve Rogers since no one is normally at the residence during the day, it appears that the second terminal that they have, a free-rental Scientific Atlanta E940, is also now demonstrating similar problems (although not to the same extent, it is less noticeable but it is still happening). There will be random pixilation that will occur and it doesn't matter what station. I wanted to check the FDC and the signal strength but after looking through 57's FAQs for the SA boxes I was unable to find specific instructions that model since it lacks front panel buttons. Perhaps 57 knows the answer to this, or someone else will, but is there a way so I can see if the same issue that the SA 3200 is demonstrating also occurs with this terminal?

Mythorn, thanks for the general help. I was just downstairs looking at the main distribution that Rogers had actually setup a few years ago when the next door neighbors did something with their signal and as a result the reception here suffered. It is a 5~2400 mhz bidirectional so there isn't a problem with that. The SA 3200 that I had originally discussed is probably the farthest from the booster which is why it is demonstrating the most problems and unlike the SA E940, that unit is owned and was a private purchase so I doubt there is a 1 year warrantee by Rogers. Do you know what a purple '> Range' in FDC represents?

Any other help is appreciated. If not someone may have to take a day off of work just so Rogers can come out and take a look... sigh...

2009-02-23, 12:41 AM
I was unable to find specific instructions that model since it lacks front panel buttonsThe SA FAQ discusses how to get into the diagnostics by pressing and holding the pause button (hold it for more than 10 seconds) and then pressing page-up. That should work for STBs that don't have front buttons. No guarantees.

2009-02-23, 12:57 AM
Thanks 57, I will have to try that when I go back over there tomorrow...