: Local Cable Outages

2009-02-18, 03:41 AM
In London the following channels are currently out: CBC London, A-London, TV Guide, CTVSWO, Rogers TV, WDIV and WXYZ. This is due to the relocation of London Master Control to Woodstock. All the signals in the digital lineup originate from Toronto Master and are distributed to the local head ends. This is except for these local channels which pass through London Master and out. The American networks however, pass through London Master to be sim subbed (when necessary) and then to the head ends. I'm just wondering why the other Local American networks aren't out: WUAB, WWJ, WICU, and WJET. I know about this outage because I am a Rogers TV volunteer and was aware of the Master Control relocation. London Master is moving to Woodstock to combine with Kitchener Master and become SWO Master. Just a centralization of resources. Anyway, use this Thread to post any local outages across the Rogers network that you may notice.....

2009-03-01, 04:07 PM
Getting sick of this: Digital Cable pixely every once in a while, complete internet cut outs. I live in an apartment building and my Signal to Noise ratio is pathetic: ranging from 22dB to 29dB. (36dB is unstable but usable and 46dB is excellent.):mad:

2009-03-01, 04:11 PM
A S/N Ratio of 36-38 is about the max you're going to get on a STB and is excellent. Your S/N below 30 is poor though. See:

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You should call Rogers and have them fix the problem.