: WJET availability in London?

2009-02-18, 01:18 AM
Is WJET still available in London? They made their transition to digital tonight.

2009-02-18, 03:19 AM
Yes it is.

2009-02-18, 05:00 PM
How about WUAB and WICU, are they still available in London? Is Rogers now recieving and down converting their Digital Signals?

2009-02-18, 06:47 PM
Both WICU and WUAB are still analog.

I figured they might just call it quits with WJET, WICU and WUAB but then when I think about it, they had to put infastructure in place to get WQLN-DT. It will be kinda of a waste to keep that infastructure in place just to get one channel.

2009-02-18, 10:14 PM
How are they recieving WQLN now?

2009-02-19, 06:57 PM
I was watching overnight (1AM) and all 3 Erie stations were as wavy as heck. So whatever stations in Erie are broadcasting only in digital, stupid Rogers is still microwaving the signal, causing interference over the great lakes.

I guess I can't complain since if I were on Bell TV, I guess I'd only get ONE set of east coast U.S. networks, where as here, we get 2 ABCs and 2 NBCs (Detroit being the other). Although (with Bell TV,) it'd be from Boston.

2009-04-18, 08:49 PM
I didn't realise this but WJET ended up keeping their analog broadcast signal on until Friday, April 17th at 11:35pm

Now that WJET-TV has turned off their analog signal, is this channel still available in London?

2009-04-19, 02:14 PM
Yes it is.

2009-04-19, 04:24 PM
That's very interesting. Amatelcom, which serves the Alymer area got rid of ALL the Erie channels, including WQLN in favour of Buffalo.

I wonder how Rogers is getting WJET-DT? I would think at the moment, the DTV signal would be far too low to receive over the air in Canada. That will change come next week, however.

I wonder if they are getting it VIA some other source such as DishNetwork.

2009-04-23, 09:20 AM
Maybe Rogers recieves Erie at the Lake and Microwaves it back to London in analog which would explain the poor quality. I would have thought Rogers would have dropped all Erie stations except WQLN because they depend on London viewership and funding. Rogers dropped Rochester stations from the Oshawa and Whitby systems without explanation.