: Pixelation on new hd tv with non-hd (3200) digital...

2009-02-03, 02:18 PM

We have digital cable with Rogers. My mom has a non-hd digital box and used to have a newish Sony tube tv. The picture was perfectly fine...no complaints.

Then my brother bought her a new Sony flat screen hd-tv and her picture is now terrible...often very pixelated. Every show or commercial is different. It seems the lower the budget on the commercial, the worse the look. Sports looks terrible to me..I would have thought the picture quality would be better for sports but perhaps it's the fast movement. The pixelation is particularly noticeable when it's on the guide channel with the tv show still showing in the little box in the top right hand corner..terrible, terrible pixelation...would also think that a smaller picture would be clearer. We've tried every setting we can find on the tv...no luck.

Before I run out and get her hooked up with hd, which she doesn't particularly want, is there anything else we should try?

Sony KDL32L4000 32" High Definition LCD TV
Rogers 3200 Digital Cable Box
Scientific Atlanta

My brother hooked it up...probably with the impressive looking av cables included with my hd box.

Thanks for any help!

2009-02-03, 02:27 PM
You might try the various connections available (coax, s-video, composite -- whichever ones you aren't using now) to see if there is any difference. SD channels very often don't look very good when converted to HD for display on your TV -- it depends a lot on the processing capability of your TV.

With my HD box, I have set it up to automatically upconvert SD channels to 1080i before sending them to my TV.

EDIT: is this something that the digital comb filter helps with? I note that you have to be using composite for it to kick in. I use composite-in to watch SD channels sometimes and it sometimes looks a little less pixellated (depending on the channel).

2009-02-03, 03:04 PM
See the following post on SD PQ on HDTVs:


2009-02-09, 03:51 AM
Service calls are free. Call Rogers and have someone come check it out...