: Rogers ch 566 problem?

2009-01-25, 02:10 PM
When I'm channel surfing and I get to ch 566 (using 8300HD box), it locks up the PVR for abouit 20 seconds. Nothing ever shows on the screen except black. None of the remote buttons work until the 20 seconds (or so) have passed, then I can change channels, go to the guide or program list.

Anyone else experience this?

Note: I am not saying whether I am interested in what is on ch 566 or not ;)

2009-01-25, 07:52 PM
The problem is not related to channel 566, it is related to the next channel up, which happens to be an ROD channel. If you don't let the ROD UI load, then the box hangs up on the next channel tuned or sound will be muted. If STB just hangs, then wait for the background task to complete, careful though that the STB is still caching remote commands and will execute them in sequence once the background task finishes. If the sound is muted, then tune back to a ROD channel and let the UI load until it asks to press the A key to continue. Sound will be restored on all channels after that. There are now a few threads where this or similar issues with the new ROD UI is mentioned.