: Thoughts on The Accessible Channel?

2009-01-22, 04:14 PM
On channel 888.

Uh... what closed captioning???? I've caught it every few hours and actually sat down and watched for 10-20 at a time and the only CC has been the Heritage Minute PSAs. The scheduled programs, the artsy time killers (a la the Movieola channel) have been closed captioned-free. The shocking lack of closed captioning (yes, I know it's to primarily benefit the blind) is disgraceful! A general entertainment new cable channels are pretty much forced by the CRTC to provide something like, 90% CC... but this is the ACCESSIBLE Channel and *don't* provide even the most basic of closed captioning quotas!

Accessible? Yeah, if you're blind of have diminished sight, I concede this is a first for an open described video (DV), but something so incredibly Cancon-heavy isn't accessible for ALL.