: Want to replace Component Box with HMDI box

2009-01-22, 12:02 PM
I bought an LCD last year and received a Rogers HD Box free of charge with the basic HD Channels.

However, when I went to pick up my box they had run out of HDMI boxes and they told me that the quality of Component is the same as HDMI, so I took home a Component HD Box. After reasearching I have found out that the quality of component is not better than HDMI.

Has anyone had luck changing their box with rogers? and out of curosity, will I be charged extra for the HD box once the 1 year honeymoon period with Rogers is over?

(I would have called Rogers to get the answers, but given their customer service, I chose this is a better place to get faster answers. Thnx)

2009-01-22, 12:25 PM
I may be mistaken here, and I may soon be corrected, but I believe that your "HD Box" might be the Motorola DCT-6200.

If so, then you already have a digital connector, the white DVI connector. What you would then need is a DVI to HDMI cable like Product ID# 2404 from Monoprice.

2009-01-22, 04:59 PM
I believe the quality of HDMI is equal to Component. I don't believe you will be able to see the difference.

Addicted to Technology
2009-01-23, 02:16 PM
I have the 8300HD box which has both HDMI and component outputs. Recently I switched from the HDMI to component and I didn't notice any difference in picture quality on my 50" plasma.

So I would say it is not worth exchanging your box just to get the HDMI output.

Regarding your question on the charge for the HD box, yes you get it free for a year and then Rogers charges you a monthly fee for it.

My mother mentioned recently that she was now being charged for the box I set up for her new TV that she got last Christmas.

2009-01-26, 01:01 PM
it should be easy enough to swap, however some stores are having stock issues(which they always do a month or 2 after xmas).