: Lost HD ABC 527

2009-01-21, 06:10 PM
Did ABC buffalo and Rogers ever fix their issue with the HD feed. Switched to CTV fee last year after a few brutal events. However the only HD option for Lost at 8pm and 9pm seems to be ABC (since CTV is showing Idol, etc)

Its the one show that i watch same night tape delay live, any other show I would just record on ABC west


2009-01-21, 08:33 PM
I was just thinking the same thing. I am watching CBS right now but at commercial I watched ABC and I think it did freeze right before commercial but not sure.

We'll see in 1/2 hour, could be a long night and I will be pissed if it still happens. No use calling Rogers either as they can't/won't do anything.

2009-01-21, 09:01 PM
I just watched 5 minutes of live Lost (the previously on 8pm episode), clipity cllip clip clip. Horrible cutting in and out... I am going way tomorrow, so I guess I will watch SD tonight, then next week start watching it on full tape delay Thursdays using west coast HD feed.

2009-01-21, 09:55 PM
Here in Ottawa both the HD feeds from ABC (channel 153 and 527) are blank, the SD ABC feed is sub with the A-Channel SD fee.

So no Lost in HD!!! My PVR didn't even record the blank feed....very pissed!!!

2009-01-21, 09:59 PM
This is really anoying.

And I guess lost isn't on CTV anymore, it's on A channel, which means no alternate HD channel.

2009-01-21, 10:05 PM
I am in Ottawa (Orleans area) and Lost is recording perfectly fine on ABC HD (at least the first 30 minutes have, since that is what I have watched up to this point).

2009-01-21, 10:06 PM
Skipping issue here as well... hate this, that's why I used to watch it on CTV.

2009-01-21, 11:45 PM
I too had the skippity skippities on the east coast ABC channel for the Lost Special at 8 pm. I figured it'd still be happening for the 9 pm to 11 pm shows, so I switched the recording to the west coast midnight to 2 am shows. Let's hope they'll play fine.


2009-01-21, 11:55 PM
My PVR recording of Lost from ABC HD did not have any issues at all.

It was a great show.. well worth recording on time shift.

2009-01-22, 01:06 AM
Ottawa doesn't have this problem because they get Detroit instead of Buffalo. See the following thread on the topic please as it's a very well known issue.