: Deleting channels off the HD PVR?

2009-01-20, 03:07 PM
Hi. I tried doing a search for this topic under "Deleting Channels" but got a huge list of topics that seemed completely unrelated.
Its an easy question. Can it be done and how?

I have Starchoice which allows me to "save" my own list of channels and will always use this list unless I turn off the box. Then I just reselect my list. (I never turn it off)

I could not see this option for Rogers digital. We have sooooo many channels we dont get (or want) so this is very frustrating.

Any help or links to an answer?
Thanks ;)

2009-01-20, 03:14 PM
Although you can set up some favourites, or block the info on some channels using the parental block, you cannot (currently) do on Rogers what you can on *C or BTV. I hear that this may be coming in some future firmware (don't get your hopes up) since something similar is apparently available in parts of the US.

This is so that you can see what you're missing. ;)

2009-01-20, 03:24 PM

Rogers does not allow you to remove channels from the guide on any of its boxes nor does it allow you to create a separate list of channels.

2009-01-20, 03:32 PM
Thanks guys!
57, I hope you are right! I get the feeling you are also right that Rogers wants you to know what you are missing.
Oh well.......:(

2009-01-21, 12:37 AM
If Rogers does provide this ability then the only thing I will miss is the "YOU ARE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO THIS CHANNEL" message.

As it stands I have no idea which channels I am subscribing to. Case in point, I have been subscribing to and paying for the LONE STAR channel. It was in my favorites as all major channels of interest are as was the LONE STAR channel which one day disappeared.

I looked for it in the guide without luck and was going to go on the web to check but since I wanted to make a channel swap already I decided to call Rogers.

I am told that the LONE STAR channel is indeed available so I ask about the assigned channel number. The technician looks for it and says the system is unresponsive and eventually I am informed that it has been relabeled to MTIME channel 294.

I look at the programming for that channel (BTW it was in my favorites list) and find nothing remotely similar to the programming that was available on the LONE STAR channel, in fact the programming content is abysmal.

So the channel lineup was changed and Rogers continued to charge me for a channel that I did not subscribe to nor would want for free.

2009-01-21, 01:17 AM
The LoneStar channel you're referring to was changed because the broadcaster rebranded it to MovieTime in October 2008 and altered its programming. Your situation isn't specific to Rogers; the exact same thing affected Bell TV and other television providers once the change happened.


2009-09-09, 02:16 PM
Damn. Rogers gave me a PVR free for 6 months. I used it for about 15 minutes and have not touched it again. If I don't want a channel I will not subsribe to it. I want to see the channels that I have not the ones that I dont. Also I found that I was missing a lot of channels that I was getting with a direct connection.

I would prefer to go to Bell but they cant match the price with what I am getting from Rogers right now. I hate theis 2 tier monopoly find new ways to try to screw you system.

2009-09-11, 02:04 PM
On my DCT 6416 Motorola HD PVR here in New Brunswick under My Preferences|Skipped Channels you can add ANY channel you do not subscribe to or dislike and it will not appear in the guide nor will it come in using CH up and down.

As for the 8300s you folks have in Ont I am not sure. Good luck!

2009-09-11, 02:10 PM
Is that something new on the Motorolas? I didn't think any of the Canadian Cable Companies had that option. There is some recent new firmware available for Motorolas that I've seen discussed.

It's not available on the SA yet.

2009-09-13, 07:37 PM
Hi 57,

I could start doing that on the Motorola when the unit was upgraded to support the PiP Guide back in the early spring of this year. Nice feature to have.. Finally we have one up on you Ont folks! Now if we could only get the extra channels you have. :)