: SA 8300HD PVR to SA 4250 HD?

2009-01-20, 10:48 AM
I recently purchased a 8300HD PVR, and was wondering, if there is any way to link it to my 4250HD, (I'm with Rogers), so that I can watch my recoreded programs through the 4250HD (which is obviously in another room).

I've seen it done with the Bell system, and hence, was wondering if these systems could do the same thing as it's a pretty nice feature to have.

If there a thread on this, please direct me the way. I have spend numerous hours trying to find out if it is possible.


2009-01-20, 10:51 AM
No it cannot be done. Best bet is to sell the 4250 and pick up a second 8300.

2009-01-20, 11:07 AM
Why not simply connect the RF-coax output of the SA8300HD directly to the "other" TV and tune that TV to Channel 3. You'd see what was on the SA8300HD.

You could also connect composite, S-video or component video, along with analogue audio directly to the other TV. The component video would not work if the HDMI output is active on the first TV (simultaneous viewing), but the others do work. The same programming would be viewed on both TVs.

PS, I don't think you've seen this done with BTV, as the connection is always directly to the TV, not to another STB, although the 92XX allows for different programming on the two TVs.