: Rogers cable plus original

2009-01-19, 12:57 PM
Anyone in GTA specifically in Markham area able to get cable plus original. I'm currently on rogers basic cable + cable plus combo. I wanted to down grade combo to original because this would save me some extra money. I called rogers to down grade to cable plus original they told me cable plus original is no longer being offer if I want the Fairchild programming I must go with cable plus combo. Do anyone still have cable plus original?

2009-01-19, 01:03 PM
Most of these sorts of "packages" are grandfathered, therefore if you have them you can keep them. However, many of these packages are no longer offered if you want to change, therefore you need to accept what they have, or negotiate harder.

Here's a list of the packages/pricing:


If you search the Rogers forum for "fairchild" you'll find some recent threads on that topic.

See the following post with search tips, FAQs, etc for those new to this forum: