: Remote control issue - Two STBs

2009-01-17, 02:59 AM
I have a scientific atlanta HD PVR and a SD scientific atlanta box, and they're both setup in the same room b/c I split the cable and am using a wireless tv system to send cable to the bedroom upstairs that has no cable. The problem is that the remotes can control one another. So whenever the person watching tv downstairs where both boxes are setup changes channel, the channel upstairs changes as well. Is there a way to change the code on the remote so that they can be independent of one another. It's annoying for the person upstairs when all of a sudden the channel changes during a very important scene or interesting part of a show/movie.

2009-01-17, 10:08 AM
You cannot change the code on these remotes/STBs. There's a previous thread on this topic that I can't find right now. Possible solutions:

1. Block the signal to one of the STBs with tape, cardboard, etc.
2. Turn one STB off while the other is on (this can be done with the power button so that only one STB is "listening"
3. Use an RF remote which can be programmed differently for two STBs.
4. Put the STBs in different rooms, or far enough apart that when you "point" the remote, it doesn't affect the "other" STB.

Why would you have the STB for the upstairs TV downstairs?

2009-01-17, 12:51 PM
It's b/c the upstairs bedroom does not have a cable outlet, so I'm using a wireless cable system to send the cable signal from downstairs to upstairs and it comes with an IR mouse to extend the remote control's range. That way you can use the remote control upstairs to control the STB downstairs. The upstairs remote doesn't affect the downstairs HD PVR, but the HD PVR's remote controls both boxes even when I'm pointing away from the cable box. I tried covering the IR receiver with stuff, and somehow the PVR's remote can still reach it...lol Even when I'm pointing to the floor away from the SD STB, the box still picks up the signal from the remote, which is odd, because the HD PVR won't work unless I'm pointing directly at it.

I can't block the signal by covering it with tape or cardboard because I still need to be able to send a signal from upstairs to the box so they can change the channel and control volume upstairs without having to run downstairs to the box to change it.

And the point of having two STBs is so that people can watch TV in both locations simultaneously.

I guess my only option now is to get a separate remote to control one of the STBs.

I could also try sending the cable signal wirelessly from the basement to the 2nd floor, but I'm pretty sure that will degrade the quality of the picture by quite a bit.

2009-01-17, 01:04 PM
Would it not be easier to put a cable outlet in the bedroom? You may even be able to get Rogers to do this...

A separate remote in the same room will not help, unless you go RF.

2009-01-17, 04:50 PM
Would it not be easier to put a cable outlet in the bedroom? You may even be able to get Rogers to do this...

A separate remote in the same room will not help, unless you go RF.
Well, we just recently renovated the place, we don't want rogers to drill holes through floors and walls. If we were to get someone to fish the cable up, it would cost more than using the wireless system. Geek Squad would charge more than $200 to do the job. I haven't really gotten any other estimates though. The wireless system is pretty good, very clear picture, it's just the remote problem that's a bit annoying. Even if Rogers were to do it, they charge like $125 or something like that, and that isn't even fishing the cable up. They don't do a clean and nice job, you'll see cables running along your floor and holes as well.

2009-01-17, 05:17 PM
I'm not trying to be mean, but when someone renovates properly, they put in the necessary cable, phone, etc outlets where they may be needed.

How clean a job Rogers does depends on the technician who arrives. Some don't have the experience to do things well and in a way that's hidden, while others may...

You mention Geek Squad. You may wish to consider a real electrician, or someone who does, or used to do this for a living, etc, instead of going through a "middle man".

I hope you find a solution - perhaps look into some RF remote/extender ideas. Let us know if you do anything.

2009-01-17, 05:43 PM
oh man, don't get me started. The general contractor we hired was a big mistake. They were supposed to route cable to all the bedrooms upstairs when they did the renovations, they were also supposed to finish the reno in 2 months. Instead, it took them 6 months to finish, and even after 6 months, they didn't do everything they promised to do. Not only did they do a shotty job, they weren't that cheap either. So we're very upset about the ordeal. And now we have to spend more money to fix things up. I'll update on what I end up doing. Maybe splitting the internet cable and using that instead. It's also on the main floor, so perhaps signal will be better. Or go the RF remote route.

2009-01-19, 09:02 PM
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