: Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television

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  1. No audio on DTV channels, works on analogue
  2. Canadian DTV: Must it be HD, and are sub-channels allowed?
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  4. Is OTA DTV Broadcasting A Viable Business Model in Canada?
  5. OTA to the rescue - success story
  6. Toronto Post-Transitional Channel Allotments, May 2011
  7. OTA DTV Emergency Facilities In Place?
  8. US: 94 of Top 100 Viewed Programs Are Available OTA
  9. Channel 56 received on 112 (Solved: Set TV to ANT not Cable)
  10. what is best ota dtv converter?
  11. What Do All Those "Digital TV Transition" Commercials Mean?
  12. DTV Transition: Why No Live On Air Testing Happening?
  13. Is MPEG4 Possible for OTA?
  14. Best indoor antennas for reflected signals? (Solved: none)
  15. Need help finding name of antenna advertised here
  16. Is Canada's DTV Transition a VHF fiasco?
  17. Looking for the FCC/CRTC "Why" for OTA
  18. How Up To Date is the Industry Canada Database?
  19. U.S./Canadian cities with most OTA
  20. OTA vs Cable - split from Globe thread.
  21. Hand Held Devices for DTV?
  22. Video bitrates: Buffalo OTA vs Time Warner Cable
  23. Are any ATSC channels not going HD?
  24. Combining db8 with 4 bay antenna- possible?
  25. Article From NW Washington State on Canadian DTV Transition
  26. TV Tuner Card
  27. 1950s-70s: The Golden Age of Canadian OTA TV (see Post #8)
  28. TV Digital Signal Strength Indicators
  29. We're number one! Best OTA Forum in Canada!
  30. DTV Transition Day, Aug. 31, 2011, Finally Arrives: How Do You Feel?
  31. stampeder on 900 CHML AM Radio today
  32. Windows Media Center DTV tuning problems
  33. Where did my channels go? (OTA)
  34. Fcc website
  35. ATSC VHF Reception Problems
  36. Why don't CDN networks use subchannels?
  37. Why OTA from the broadcasters point of view
  38. DHC OTA Members Meet: Kanata and Area
  39. DTV Phase II - Non Mandatory Markets 2016
  40. Stampeder
  41. Is there such a thing: PSIP Stripper/Remover
  42. Best commercial indoor antenna?
  43. City News Channel
  44. A fond hello and a brief update
  45. HDHomeRun Using Wireless Router: Success Story
  46. Installer in My Area - Hamilton/Burlington
  47. Antenna is DTV converter?
  48. HDTV without tuner and Indoor antenna
  49. CTV cutting out at midnight to block certain shows...is it legal?
  50. Industry Canada puts moratorium on the use of television channel 51