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  1. National Defence Network goes down during crossover from Bell to Telus...
  2. Manitoba Computer Recycling Organizations Similar To Free Geek?
  3. Hats Off to Cpl. Andrew Grenon, Deceased
  4. If the collider destroys the universe, who will know?
  5. Mom clocked at 101 km/h in school zone
  6. Honda Unveils Prius-Like Hybrid Car
  7. F1 Stewards do it again and again (Spoilers for F1 Fans - Beware)
  8. Advice on the 2006 Fusion?
  9. Happy Birthday GOOGLE ... Turned 10 Years Old on September 7th
  10. 4 former PMs join call for climate change action
  11. Everyone is a criminal...
  12. Kim Jong-il is ill (pun intended)
  13. Lance Armstrong coming out of retirement for Tour
  14. Farmers Almanac - Global Cooling Ahead!
  15. Former UFC Champ Evan Tanner found dead
  16. Man gets 6 years for 'night of torture'
  17. CBS Interactive sues NFL Players Association over fantasy football
  18. Scalpers for Metallica concert
  19. So... who's Digital Home's second member?
  20. Pink Floyd Keyboardist Dead at 65
  21. George Takei marries in LA
  22. Financial Turmoil - September 2008
  23. Ontario's Pit Bull Ban is being challenged
  24. Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic
  25. Lehman Brothers: "The Business of Climate Change"
  26. Air Canada drops fee on second checked bag
  27. Legendary CFL QB Ron Lancaster Dead at 69
  28. Canadian Tire charged an Eco Fee?
  29. My test drive of the (2006) SMART fortwo
  30. Test Your Colour IQ
  31. Dollarama Raises Prices in 2009
  32. Giving advice to other shoppers
  33. Does anybody own a fireplace fuelled by ecohol(Denatured Ethanol) ?
  34. Debit card handsets swapped out by criminals
  35. After 85 Years at "The House that Ruth Built" Yankee Stadium Closes its Doors
  36. Yapping Dogs and What To Do About Them
  37. Study: University completion rates among children of immigrants
  38. Toronto's New Garbage Bins
  39. Solar Wind Getting Weaker, Says NASA
  40. The Breast Is Best! PETA Asks Ben & Jerry's to Dump Dairy and Go With Human Milk ....
  41. Blue Jays sign Gaston to extension
  42. Canada Rocks!
  43. Impala or Lucerne for Long Distance Trip?
  44. Battery Charges against alledged Drunk Driver Dropped
  45. Paul Newman 1925-2008
  46. Jacksonville Jaguars Richard Collier paralyzed below waist; left leg amputated
  47. Late 2008 Economic Climate - How Do You Feel?
  48. Canadian Fertility Rate Rises slightly
  49. Matsushita Electric now the Panasonic Corporation
  50. Couillard book "My Story"