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  1. Staples installs Virtual Sales agents in Alberta stores
  2. If I had a million dollars, then I'd do coke
  3. Stephen Hawking 'mulling' Waterloo move
  4. Little War Criminals Get Punished, Big Ones Don’t
  5. NHL releases 2008-09 Schedule
  6. Blue Jays fans seek Fan Favourite Wayne McMahon Beer Guy's return
  7. Tour de France Rider Kicked Out - 2008
  8. Rush on Colbert.
  9. Saudi textbooks still teaching hate: report
  10. Reverend Jackson: A Left Wing Adulterous, Racist, and Hypocritical Religious leader!
  11. Asian Doctors can't find Jobs in Canada
  12. "Cause a cycle"
  13. Toronto Cops Stop Flintstones-type Car
  14. Advice from some experienced Kayakers?
  15. Electric Super Car from UK Recharges in Minutes
  16. Formula for converting dollars from years ago to today's value?
  17. Man dies after being Tasered by Winnipeg police
  18. Golden Girl Estelle Getty dies at 84
  19. Toronto: How about all that Rain?
  20. Windsor (ON) man goes 'locavore', so does T.O. Star columnist
  21. 1st SNL episode with George Carlin. History repeating itself?
  22. Soy foods 'reduce sperm numbers'
  23. NASA astronaut who has walked on the moon claims aliens are real
  24. 15 Year Old Boy Smothered In Asphalt, Dies
  25. Satellite TV Ban in Iran "to halt the West's cultural offensive"
  26. Thoughts on the Invisible Pet Fence
  27. Boycott the Olympics?
  28. China's Techniques Inspired Interrogations at Guantánamo
  29. Rogers Profit and Revenue up again...
  30. Teen Repellent, anyone?
  31. Golf Anyone?
  32. Zimbabwe, where can you buy a 100-billion-dollar loaf of bread
  33. Ontario provincial NDP To Push for Automatic Organ Donation
  34. Electricity Powers the Universe
  35. Vancouver ecosystem thrown off by 2008's lousy weather
  36. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Narrowly Escapes Death in a 280ft Cliff Fall
  37. Air Canada passenger videos shuttle launch from above
  38. Man stabbed, decapitated on bus in MB: witnesses
  39. Study finds police batons cause more injury than tasers.
  40. MIT develops room temp/tap water electrolysis
  41. Anthrax scientist commits suicide as FBI closes in
  42. GM posts $15.5 billion loss
  43. Pioneer f900BT- Anyone have one?
  44. Looking for a tv commercial
  45. Mayor: Attack on Toronto man has racial overtones
  46. Major Mars Phoenix discovery? - Team briefs President, but haven't gone public.
  47. Winnipeg: Taser wasn't effective so Police used sidearm
  48. Cool pics from CERN
  49. Canadian Directv Broker Raided... Accounts Being Terminated
  50. Canadian Crime Rates Discussion (2008)