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  1. Bizarre / Funny Youtube Video I found today
  2. HTML5: Is it approved or not? (and other questions)
  3. Internet - share useful and practical things found on the internet.
  4. Google Translate with text to speech
  5. NutriGreen Rocketeer Commercial
  6. Same Website - Different Computers - Different Info Displayed
  7. Craigslist down in Canada
  8. CyberMonday online sales up 22% in U.S. over last year
  9. YouTube Changes!!
  10. Little Drummer Boy - Sean Quigley (from Winnipeg)
  11. Worst web sites
  12. Comment Moderator, the Dirtiest Job on the Internet
  13. New site is tracking your Torrents
  14. Screening Of Japanese Movie sets new Tweets per sec. record
  15. The Most Pirated Film of 2011
  16. Bell Media second only to Google in serving up videos to Canadians
  17. Wikipedia plans to go dark on Jan 18th
  18. Google blacks out logo in protest of SOPA
  19. SOPA and PIPA postponed indefinitely after protests
  20. FileSonic disables file sharing in wake of MegaUpload shutdown/arrests
  21. Be careful of what you post on social media
  22. Dad shoots teen's laptop over Facebook post
  23. Drunk Albertian sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" in back of RCMP Cruiser
  24. Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog
  25. Hot Problems
  26. "Party with My Friends" A Star Wars Sing-Along
  27. Hug your cell phone!
  28. What is Your Favourite Summer Song
  29. CBC Launches Hamilton, Ontario On-Line Site
  30. Found these 2 videos on the Web
  31. New Jersey town bans texting while walking
  32. HOT..Canada's summer 2012 Weather Forecast
  33. Awesome Google Doodle
  34. Making the Bus Monitor Cry
  35. Ask Rex Murphy
  36. Batman Vs. Spider-Man: Toronto Subway The Scene Of An Epic Brawl
  37. ABC Spark
  38. Cbc live on web
  39. Very Tame Fox
  40. Dog adopts orphaned lamb
  41. You Tube Issue?
  42. Can't log into Yahoo
  43. Apple ... iwhat?
  44. Gangnam Style
  45. Don't Fire Big Bird
  46. Internet Explorer 9 Commercial (The Honest Version)
  47. Replacement for Webshots?
  48. Windows 8 Song is Driving me crazy!!
  49. Canada Post didn't renew their domain?
  50. Got a problem? Perform a hard reset.