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So yea i called them and they told me well we would offer you this promo if you move downtown. Pfffft right there hitting it home that its only downtown - sad part is do they offer this to their own customers living in these select buildings already, and I did create a previous thread that had an old promo offering prices for less service at a more expensive rate than what they offer now so the question im asking is did the first run of promo's not have the desired effect so now they offer another one with even more for less? Their original promo which as it seems they offered for a good 5 months in a row was their B cable plus some digital stuff for 9.95 first 2 mo's free and rental on a PVR for 1 year free, internet extreme for $19.95 first 2 mo's free and Shaw Digital phone basic for $14.95 including only call display - now we look at this new promo and ask ourselves what is this campaign really designed to do. I have some friends living downtown that are also very angry at the fact that Shaw has not only been mailing things to them incessantly for months that now they are being so brazen as to knock on their door offering this promo to them knowing that they are Novus customers - Now ask yourself why would Shaw go into a building that is clearly marked NO CANVASSING - and knock on peoples doors that are Novus customers? p.s my friends complained and were totally disgusted by these tactics.
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