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Originally Posted by ScottCrick View Post
Those look nice - real Oak trim.

I've had a few Audiosphere products at one time or another (though base level Audiosphere brand ones) including a centre I'm still using in the kids HT in the basement.

Perfectly fine speakers, though I never really found them something to be enthused about. How much are they asking for them? To me, the buy recommendation would be based on the seller looking for reasonable coin.

Also, I'd check the foam on the woofers (they look foamed, not butyl in the picture). If they need or will soon need a refoaming, 4 x 12" would cost around $50 + time as a DIY project if they were due, and probably more than the speakers are worth if done professionally.
They're asking $150. He's getting speakers for his garage, so he's not looking for audiophile grade speakers.
I was just curious about them because I had not heard the name before.
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