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Originally Posted by 300ohm View Post
Yeah, I was a little surprised by the vintage of the components. GerryB on this site was able to purchase some newer, lower noise devices for just a few dollars. When is someone going to come out with a preamp with components designed/made in this millenia, for a reasonable price ??
I expect there isn't much commercial engineering effort expended
in the OTA broadcast market outside of the magic antenna crap
stuffing the shelves of the local MalWart. So we're probably lucky
to have the currently available selection.

Don't be too put off by the vintage of the components in the
preamp under discussion. The engineering challenge of
economical fringe VHF/UHF signal reception was a done deal
way before these devices were even thunk up.

That said the Avago ATF-551M4 (or sibling device) with which
I hazard GerryB was experimenting, looks to have the potential
to consume a few weekends of hacking. That's quite impressive
performance at a piddling price. Guess those are the bread
crumbs which fall off the table where folks are trying to solve
the same issues at 5.8GHz.
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