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I built a SBGH

Last July, I bought a HDTV with a built-in ATSC tuner. Haven't had cable for over 15 years, and was getting only snowy analog PBS (33) and ABC (22) with the previous TV. I was wondering whether to order cable for the new TV and bought a silver sensor off ebay cheap. While waiting for the silver sensor, I decided to give the SBGH a try. Built a rough prototype with scraps from the basement. The measurements are not even exact. Tested the antenna with the old TV in a 2nd floor bedroom, and the analog reception was much better. Ran a 50 feet RG-59 cable down the stairs to the new TV and was surprised to pick up NBC. I still remember the first pictures from NBC, which was showing a golf tournament, and I was amazed by the quality of the picture at 1080i. The crude SBGH consistently outperforms the silver sensor. Watched the Olympics on both CBC/SRC and NBC. After the Olympics, wife said that the SBGH does not belong to the bedroom and I move it to the next room. Since the signal has to go through another interior wall, I bought a cheap distribution amp. I also got tired of turning the SBGH between Mt. Mansfield and the CBC building. Now, I have the silver sensor pointing towards Mt. Mansfield, and the SBGH to CBC, which is more difficult to get. I have an A-B switch to toggle between the two antennae.

BTW, I mention my story to several of my colleagues, and three of them have build versions of the GH antenna. Two of them report success. The third one built the anteanna, but don't have a digital TV to test it with.
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