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post #256 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-07-30, 02:07 PM
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I cancelled mine several months ago, but never got an invite to renew... ??

I'd for sure go for 6mo for $5...
I feel for you..... when mine is up and I do not get a acceptable deal I will say "GoodBye" not worth it unless a price I find acceptable. Call them and see what you get, if no ask to speak to a supervisor and see what they can do. If nothing comes of this strategy send them a letter to the President saying you would like the $4.99 a month for 6 months and you will gladly pay them...see what that brings...Good Luck
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post #257 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-08-22, 09:41 PM
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mine expired recently...they renewed me at that crappy rate, I called in and told them I wanted the same deal as last year 77$/tax or cancel me.

they sent me to the cancellation dept......where the lady told me that the best deal she could offer was $99 for the year and no less because there system wont accept it.

She then told me to call back if I found a promo code from best buy or whever and they would put that into the system.

I told her I'll just call back with the same 77$/yr promo code and she was fine with that....she didn't care, I told her either that or lose a subscriber and she agreed.

anyone have the $77/yr code from whenever?
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post #258 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-08-23, 09:48 AM
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Never heard of the $77 deal from XM Canada. This deal was always on the U.S. side.
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post #259 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-08-24, 11:21 PM
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I got the deal, in Canada, a year ago. Since then, I bought a new vehicle and let the sub run out. They are offering me a deal for around $80.00. I have until the end of the month to decide. I'll wait until the last day, before asking them for the $4.99 deal.

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post #260 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-09-19, 08:16 PM
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Sirius rate issue

I got burned once with a lifetime plan. Outfit shutdown after 2 weeks ! Not Sirius

With warning that my 1 year was due in October , I phoned to cancel automatic renewal

First agent was useless second came on after 20 minute wait

After explaining plan too expensive I was offered 1 year at $132 . I declined as friend had just renewed at 3 months for price of one which makes it rough $5 per month or $60 per year .

So I went for it for 3 months & will debate their silly pricing policies in December .
I would like to stay as Sirius is built in but not above plugging an XM in . I had it before. What is required to change over to XM internally on Subaru radio?

Last edited by Davee; 2010-09-19 at 08:17 PM. Reason: need to subscribe
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post #261 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-09-20, 06:08 PM
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I forgot that my XM renewed this weekend, and they authorized $199 for 1 year on my EXPIRED credit card... how can they do that?

Anyway, I called cancellations and they gave me 4 months free, so it was like $121 for the year. Still lame, as they used to give me 5 months free every year.

I think I will need to be more aggressive to cancel next year and not forget until after my due date again!
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post #262 of 528 (permalink) Old 2010-12-21, 08:59 PM
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Any updates to new promos that XM currently is doing? My XM 3 month trial ends in March 2011, but I would like to extend it if I can find a good deal. Let me know.
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post #263 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-10, 05:23 PM
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The current offer I received by mail is $99.99 ($126 including taxes and fees). I called them because this is too expensive for the quality of their service in my opinion. I specifically asked for the $77 deal, I was told it was not available and that the $126 was the best deal available now.

Anyways, if you want to go with this "promotion" the promo code is DEAL99A.

I'll let the trial period expire and up to them if they want to see me again, because I'm not paying over $10 a month to hear the same songs again and again. I have a loaded iPod for that!
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post #264 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-10, 08:09 PM
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Bingo Ringo,

Thanks for the "deal" info........

I'm on the 3 month trial as well - I think the US deal is better @ $77. Not sure why that is not offered here as our dollar is on par.

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post #265 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-11, 01:26 PM
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They keep calling to try and set me up ever since the free trial expired.

I keep telling them that unless they offer me a 4.99/month package, I'm not interested.

Quite frankly, unless you are in your vehicle for very long periods of time, it is not worth the money they are charging.

Think of the various VIDEO streaming services out there - and how very competitively priced they are.
Satellite radio also needs to adopt more affordable pricing schemes - especially since you have to be IN your vehicle to use it, and also that it is only low-quality AUDIO that you get.

Also think about the untold revenue they would enjoy if they simply lowered their pricing so as to be an actual affordable option to the public.
ALL those vehicles out there that were sold with the satellite radios pre-installed - just waiting to be "re"-activated.

They are missing the boat.
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post #266 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-12, 09:43 AM
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+1 to icemankent's comment.

I too have a newer car with a deactivated XM radio. I had to cancel at the end of my trial period because of the following reasons...

1. Poor reception, the satellites are barely over the Southern horizon up here in Canada. I would lose the signal by driving past a forest or a rock face to the South of me.
2. Audio quality is not as advertized. It's no better than FM radio.
3. Certain shows are repeated after about a month (comedy channels mostly).
4. No local news, weather & traffic, political discussions are American-centric.
5. You still get commercials.
6. Even at $4.99/month, I doubt that I would jump on it. It's not the money, it's the value (or lack of it) when compared to plain old free FM radio.
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post #267 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-12, 11:25 PM
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I just signed up for 5 months for $20 in the US.

Full details here... How do I get a US Sirius Subscription?
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post #268 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-13, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by virtualrain View Post
I just signed up for 5 months for $20 in the US.

Full details here... How do I get a US Sirius Subscription?
That deal is for Sirius, this thread is about XM.

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post #269 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-13, 01:02 PM
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Tried to get the XM deal today over the phone from US.

They offered me a deal of >200.00 I asked for the $77.00 deal. They said that is only for existing customers and he couldn't offer it to me. Asked for his manager but got the same result.

I might try calling again at another time.

Called back at a different # 1 800 682 4114 and got the $77 deal right away. Asked to add Best of Sirius and it makes the price jump to $170 area. Passed on that one.

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post #270 of 528 (permalink) Old 2011-01-13, 05:46 PM
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cfloyd, What did you use for an address?
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