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I'm currently building a SBGH G6. I'm hoping to get this done pre-transition!
If it's a clear night (don't currently get ANY DTV during daytime hours!)
I can get 12 channels... somewhat. Bad pixelation and drop-outs.

I'm located approx. 70 miles from Memphis, TN. Deep fringe location.
The property is covered in mature Pecan trees and one huge Magnolia...
which is directly in LOS to Memphis broadcasting! Typical!

An added aggravation is I have a bluff line running between my house and the transmitters
that's about 50 meters higher than me (ref. Google Earth).
Being on a fixed income, I can't afford a tower (which is what I need!) and
my research shows me that the GH antennas would be my best option.
If (and when) I can afford and install a tower, the G6 will be transferred to it.

This is my first antenna build but I believe I've found the right place!
300ohm, for one, has done an excellent job of detailing construction techniques,
parts lists, estimated costs and approx. gains etc.

Many thanks to all who have provided input, suggestions and trial and error results!
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