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Hi all,

When I was younger, I built numerous antennas for 27MHz CB, learned about electronics with vaccuum tubes, and ended up in computers. I've never paid a dime for "subscription TV".

Over the past year, the workshop here has produced three SBGHs, one DBGH, and two SBGH10s which were originally ganged horizontally. Those two have since been split up and now have new homes, as do all of the original SBGHs.

There have also been a ton of dipoles and yagis built, and a ganged up pair of PR-8800s (which has yet to be beat!).

Before all of that, I tried various other commercial antennas, and salvaged a 40'+ free-standing tower from a rural resident, along with a couple of Archer rotors and other stuff.

We've got a self-built MythTV PVR (which we love!) that records stuff from five tuners using six antennas, with the 3:2 Frankenswitch matrix (see other threads) auto-selecting the best antenna for each channel.

All of this has cost less than what a few short years worth of cable TV might have cost, and provided a lot more fun in the meanwhile!

When not climbing the antenna tower, I can oft be found on cliff faces around the globe, or simply sitting at my computer hacking Linux for a living.

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