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For anyone interested I thought I'd mention that If you have a Tivo HD unit and a blu-ray player there is a way to back up full HD programs from your Tivo on DVD and play it using your blu-ray player. Which comes in handy if your Tivo has a smaller Drive like mine ( only 20 hrs of HD content ).

First you need to connect your Tivo to your home network.

Second download Tivo Desktop form this will allow you to transfer
recorded content from your Tivo to your home computer.

third you will need to download a program called VideoRedo with this you can
remove the commercials by selecting ad-detective. Click the Save as
button in VideoRedo to save the recording without commercials to your
hard drive in .MPG 2 format.

fourth burn the saved MPG 2 file to a dvd or dvd-dl disc. just burn it as a
data disc and finalize it.

this works with my PS3 and most sony blu-ray disc players. you can't just put it in the player and press play, you need to select the disc in the players menu. if this does not work in your player I would advise you do a firmware update and try again as the ability to play MPG 2 format was not available in earlier models of players.
you can also convert the MPG 2 file to AVCHD format,but the conversion process takes about 5 days for an average movie ( seriously ).

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