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Originally Posted by Chudsmith View Post
I'm hopeful that tivo will wake up and realize the the potential for sales in the canadian OTA market and add guide info for all my buffalo stations,
though I fear or perhaps tivo fears possible crtc hassles if they where to provide them, and I'm sure Bell and Rogers would fight it, only to protect our Canadian heritage of course.
This has nothing to do with the CRTC -TiVo's support of Canada has always been fairly weak - for several years I was part of a community that provided "roll-your-own" guide data using info from XMLTV. TiVo did start loosely supporting Canada a few years ago but that was primarily for their SD models. Supposedly the problem with HD data is that the guide data providers do not provide the input to TiVo - or to other similar products such as MCE.
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