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I'm going to post this question here as if I get an answer It may help other

Tivo users. I have four channels with no picture yet they have a good signal

strength, they are 23-2, 47-1, 52-1 and 69-1. Now here's where it gets interesting,

Tivo provides guide info for 47-1 and 52-1 when I was searching for info on the

forum I found that 52-1 which I have guide info but no picture may have moved

to 66-1 which has a picture but no guide. and the same may be true for 47-1

and 64-1. I have not been able to find any reason for no picture on 23-2 or 69-1.

anyways if anyone can understand what the heck I just wrote and has any

insight I'd be grateful.

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