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Question Introduction to the Gray-Hoverman TV Antenna

The Gray-Hoverman Single and Double Bay UHF Antennas
This is the original Gray-Hoverman antenna, as refined from the original Hoverman designs by member Autofils. Generally most people will want to build one of these models. They provide exceptional performance across the entire post-transitional UHF band (Channels 14 through 51). The version with the mesh reflector is probably the easiest of all the GH antenna versions to build, but if someone is interested in building the colinear rod version of the SBGH or DBGH they should probably skip right to the newer Gold Standard version below.
  • SBGH - Single Bay Gray-Hoverman UHF TV antenna, suitable for most suburban to fringe reception areas
  • DBGH - Double Bay Gray-Hoverman UHF TV antenna, suitable for fringe to deepest fringe reception areas
GH for UHF (Plans, Parts Lists, Build Tips by 300ohm)
UPDATE: November 23, 2008: New "Gold Standard" SBGH Is Announced
A major refinement to the Gray-Hoverman antenna design has been announced, and the already great performance is now more adaptable to specific channel requirements of the builder. People who need the best performance, whether over the entire UHF band or maybe for only certain groups of UHF channels, will want to examine the various versions of this antenna to suit their needs. Generally these Gold Standard colinear rod models require more attention to accuracy and detail during construction than the original GH versions above. Special acknowledgement to j3d for making this happen!
Gold Standard SBGH:

GH "Gold Standard" for UHF (Plans, Notes by j3d)

XGH (Extended Gray-Hoverman): Design Has No Phasing Line

XGH (Extended Gray-Hoverman): Design Has No Phasing Line
UPDATE: January 14, 2009: New Variant Adds VHF-HI Performance To GH
The Gray Hoverman antenna has been improved yet again, this time with the option of adding tuned resonators known as NARODs to provide a huge jump in VHF-HI performance. This refinement makes the GH an excellent post-transition broadband OTA antenna for channels 7 to 51. Special acknowledgement to member 300ohm for making this happen!
GH with NARODs can be built in SBGH and DBGH sizes

GH with NARODs for VHF-HI & UHF
UPDATE: May 9, 2010: Major Refinement Improves VHF-HI Gain
The following GH improvement by member nikiml is a modification of j3d's GH10 (rev2), using bent NARODs and 3 NAROD reflectors to achieve not only excellent UHF band performance but also quite stellar VHF-HI gain too! Details of this version are posted in the following discussion thread:
GH10 with NARODs for VHF-HI: Major GH Improvement

"Top Hat" GH with NARODs for VHF-HI: Major GH Improvement

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