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Sirius stock?

Anyone considering buying at this time? I bought in a while back when Sirius stock was approx $3.23 - hoping that it would be buoyed by the merger announcement - which it was a bit, but stalled out as the DoJ and FCC took their time. I think I sold at 3.49 and made enough to coverage fees and got $20 extra as it seemed that the stock would plunge and the merger wouldn't go thru.

Well the merger went thru and I was kicking myself for pulling out for a measley $20 profit - but as of today SIRI is trading at 0.4003USD as of 1:54pm Est. Now S&Poors is predicting a 12 month price of $2.00 which isn't huge - but being able to buy in at $.40 makes it sound like a great chance to make a decent buy in for relatively little risk (For 500.00 USD you can purchase 1177 shares online @ 0.40 USD per share incl 28.95 fees w/ RBC).

I'm currently waiting for funds to transfer into my brokerage account - anyone else considering a buy at this time? As stephen Harper said - there are some great deals to be had
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