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From Broadcastengineering
TV antennas getting congressional attention

Last week Sen. Bernard Sanders, an independent from Vermont, said the FCC has failed to warn over-the-air TV viewers that they may need new antennas to get DTV reception and that the commission has inaccurately downplayed the likelihood of the necessary modifications to those antennas.
Sanders cited the study by Centris, a consulting firm, which said the FCC had underestimated the homes that would need antennas to receive over-the-air signals. He also cited a study of the digital transition in Britain that said that 35 percent of consumers would need to buy new antennas.
And living in Canada, this didn't even cross my mind???
Sanders, who is from Vermont, noted it was dangerous for viewers to install outside antennas in very cold weather. He envisioned the risk to senior citizens trying to climb onto the roof in the Vermont winter.
Yikes! At least in Canada they lucked out by picking a date in August. I wonder if that was even a consideration?
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