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post #781 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-01, 11:25 AM
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Mkaye, in the system information, under 'tivo service account status' it will be indicated. For a series 4, I would not worry much about it. Not sure how much saving you can get by buying used.

Awebber. Too bad you could not get it resolved before cancelling. You couldn't get an extension? As for netflix, the previous version was not even showing in the menus. I think if they would have fixed your youtube, netflix would have work.
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not sure how much either as the final selling price is always higher than what it is there now
to purchase new US$100-US$250 and then another US$400 for lifetime service if the code i saw in a previous note still works (i wrote it down, but can't find it now), otherwise US$500
i am aiming for US$300 on ebay

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re: extension: I didn't even ask, because (to be blunt) I don't trust them. Mostly I no longer trust TiVo CS to know what they're talking about. A while ago I decided to decommission one of my S2s for a while, I paid by the year so I just set it not to auto-renew or something, so I had a week or so to back up the programming that was on it. Checked with a rep and he said "yes expiry on Jul 1 [contract was Jul 2-Jul 1, not the real dates] means you have until 11:59pm on Jul 1 to use the machine". Which made sense to me and was what I figured.

Of course come 8am on Jul 1 when I wanted to finish the transfer, the machine was dead. It turns out their idea of "you paid for service from Jul 2 to Jul 1" is only until 12:01am on Jul 1 -- effectively stealing one day of service from every machine at end of relationship. But more importantly, I was told the opposite! There was nothing they could do to give me back my day, the best the supervisor could offer was to re-enable the machine with a 30day cancellation policy, of course it was up to me to remember to cancel or I'd have to pay (the supervisor put it on monthly so that if I missed the date I'd only pay for 2mo not another year). I was really annoyed because all I wanted to do was make sure I backed up my recordings.

Now this time, I've been around and around with the CSes, every one has known I'm in Canada (when they ask my address I always say "some address in WY because I'm really in Canada" -- they use Leo WY (?) as a placeholder -- and they chuckle). Only one has bothered to recommend escalation,and he came back from the Supervisor Team with a total BS story that they don't support VoD in Canada (contradicted by Margret), that I shouldn't even be able to see the menus, that my 30 days was up that day (which was 30 days from first use, not from activation), and that "if the ability to use Netflix was the key purchase decision, I should probably cancel the service". He was also told to point out that on Jun 7, [some other agent] told me I couldn't use Netflix or YouTube in Canada. Which was true, but when I replied on Jun 7 that I thought that was different with the new software he said (oh that's right)|(that's possible) [I don't recall which], hardly the resounding contradiction that were implying.

I took a chance that the Supervisor Team was lying about the deadline being that day (and I checked again and was told it was 30 days from activaton) but I hope you can see that I will have to believe all TiVo CSRs are either mistaken or lying from now on.

If I ever heard back from TiVo (I may remind them in a couple of weeks) I'll report how this turns out. And if I take the box to FL and get a CableCard for a month, I'll report on that too.

Thanks again for the help!
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post #784 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-01, 03:09 PM
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Sorry, forgot this one.

I think if they would have fixed your youtube, netflix would have work.
I thought so too. Just not supported. Which is fine. I was planning to retire my WD HD Live (?) Netflix box to another location, I guess not now (though I was also planning to cancel Netflix soon for the summer at least).

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Question Vacation mode with Tivo

Has anyone had success putting their equipment on vacation mode with Tivo.

Inquiries that I have made with customer service they want me to cancel my account then restart when I return. Obviously this will make it more expensive presently being grandfathered at 12.99 then when I re start the sevice I will be 14.99.

I am looking at it and it appears to be the cheper way to go as I will be out of the country for about 5 months.Paying a fee for something you do not use is really not practical or economically sound.
I realy do not have any intention of taking the unit to the USA at this point in time.

My initial contract expired over 2 years ago. I have looked at a lifetime fee but rather costly and if your unit goes belly up you have lost that.
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post #786 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-21, 12:16 PM
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Tivo does not.offer vacation mode. Too bad though.

Do you have tivohd or the premiere? Tivo hd is on a different pricing scheme. It is also possible, if they are very nice, to get the lifetime for $99 when you try to cancel on the older Tivos. I got it last week on my tivohd. Might be worth a try if you are going to cancel.
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post #787 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-22, 10:00 AM
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Tivo HD

I am not sure I understand what the tivo hd is ?

I have the Tivo premiere the bottom or entry model on their web page had it two years,in fact it is a refurbished unit and had very good service to date.

If this what you are talking about the premiere for 99??? dollars that would be a good deal
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post #788 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-22, 11:39 AM
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For those of you who may be wondering if TiVo is supported in Canada, and what happens when a lifetime unit dies, here's my recent personal experience:

My Premiere unit with lifetime service suddenly went from working perfectly to total self destruction with a green screen boot cycle. I called TiVo support and gave the CSR the reference number from my previous call (see my previous posts from the end of June). Within a few minutes I was set up for an advanced exchange unit shipment, at a total cost of US$49.00 (once they receive the returned defective unit), including the transfer of the lifetime service to the replacement unit.

The only reference to Canada during the call was the different shipping procedure that he had to set up (via Leo, Wyoming!).

My unit was originally purchased from Amazon.com, and I upgraded to lifetime service once the unit was set up. I'm in Montreal, and so far have never experienced any hassles whatsoever from TiVo regarding my northern address.
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post #789 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-22, 08:46 PM
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The tivohd is a series 3. The premiere is series 4. I have never heard of them offering the $99 lifetime. Sorry.

Walterp, good to hear that they are shipping to Canada replacements units. Thanks for sharing.
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post #790 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-23, 10:46 AM
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I should have mentioned that my defective (soon to be replaced) Premiere is no longer under warranty. Also, the US$49 replacement cost includes free UPS shipping for the inbound replacement unit AND the defective unit heading back to the USA (I received the shipping label via email). If you do the math on two way shipping costs USA-CAN you will figure out that the replacement fee is basically covering their UPS invoice. Well done TiVo!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the inbound customs clearance is handled by UPS...
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WalterP, FWIW when TiVo replaced my unit, much to my surprise I paid nothing to UPS. TiVo must have marked the shipping documents to indicate the reason for the shipment.

A-D DB4e & CS5, CM 4221 & 7778, TiVo Premiere & Roamio
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post #792 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-30, 07:02 PM
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Tivo Stream new product from Tivo

I just received my September HT magazine and it lists a two new products from Tivo.
Tivo Stream that transcode video from a premiere box whether live or pre recorded to secondary tv, tablet, or smart phone without interrupting the main show.

There is also an IP box that work with Premiere Q to broaddcast content to every tv in your home

Tivo premiere xl4 in the new name for the premiere elite.

I checked tivo site and there no mention of any of these products whether there are rental fees involved or a straight purchase

I did find some information on the products when I did a google check I would post the link but I believe forum the rules do not allow that??
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post #793 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-07-31, 08:52 AM
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The box available for the Premiere Q is only for cable MSOs, so only available for rent from them.

For standalone TiVo subscribers, there are two boxes slated, one an IP STB to stream live and recorded content from a Series 4 TiVo, the other a transcoder box to transcode for portable devices. They aren't released yet, so pricing is not known.
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post #794 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-08-02, 09:15 AM
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As a follow up to my previous postings, my replacement Premiere arrived on Tuesday without any customs hassles, or extra fees. The unit was already registered onto my account, with Lifetime service. The set up took about 30 minutes, once it was connected to my antenna and the internet (no call to TiVo was required).
I have to say that TiVo provided top quality service replacing my out of warranty Canadian unit, and the whole process was much easier than I had anticipated. Any previous concerns I had about buying a TiVo unit for use in Canada, or Lifetime service, have been put to rest!
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post #795 of 1404 (permalink) Old 2012-08-02, 11:07 AM
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I'm happy to read this since I have 2 TiVos and live in Canada.
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