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post #31 of 690 (permalink) Old 2007-03-14, 01:59 PM
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USB media host is mentioned for several models
details ?
Reviews ?
The exact features will vary depending on the make and model of the player, but basically it is a USB port that allows you to plug USB media storage devices (USB drives, memory card readers, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc.) and the player will display/play the files (picture, music or video) on the device.

I haven't tried it, but the concept is cool. Next I would love to see a Bluetooth Media host so that all you have to do is have your Bluetooth enabled phone within 10 meters of the player for you to get access to all the files on it.
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post #32 of 690 (permalink) Old 2007-04-12, 06:24 PM
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Angry Digital tuners RIPPED OUT of new 2007 DVD recorders in Canada

Well, looks like my worst fears have come to life.

Samsung is releasing a new Canadian model DVD-R150 which will have an analog tuner with no digital one (a combination now illegal in the United States), instead of simply bringing in the tuner-less and integrated-digital ones.

I have also noticed that Panasonic is bringing out the DMR-ES16, another model that seems to be Canadian-exclusive which most likely will be like a DMR-EZ17 but with the digital tuner RIPPED-OUT as well!

To add insult to injury, I noticed LG has two new Canadian models also: LRH-880 and LRH-890

Usually Canadians have EXACTLY the same models as the United States. It's only since the integrated digital tuners have been introduced in TVs and DVDs that the Canadian distributors have started to get cheap and plunder pieces out of American models only to save a few bucks. Canadians should not be treated as residents of a third-world country!
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We are more than half way through April, have any of these models been seen? A quick run through my local shop didn't reveal any. Do we have to wait for last years DVD recorders to be sold before these appear on the shelves?
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I read on a different forum that many of the manufacturers have come out with Canadian models that don't have digital tuners. It isn't much of a loss though as none of the ones released in the US seem very good. It sounds to me that they have just slapped a digital tuner onto the front of last years model. As a result, most (if not all) of them take the digital signal and convert it to analog before converting it back to digital for record on DVD. Also, most of them don't record 5.1 audio or handle WS recordings properly.
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Panasonic DMREZ17 DVD recorder with ATSC tuner

Tigerdirect is selling the Panasonic DMREZ17 line of DVD recorders with integrated ATSC tuners on their website.
I saw pop on around easter, then they disappeared and now I see they have returned. I don't have one so I don't know how well they work.

Last edited by tlamothe; 2007-04-27 at 01:57 PM.
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Model number is confusing - unit's specs must have been upgraded

Good catch, tlamothe! I entered DMREZ17 into Tigerdirect's search tool and it came up with a K version in Black finish and an S version in Silver.

Here is the Panasonic manual for that unit, which gives its specifications on Page 65 and identifies it as an NTSC-only machine:

The one on the Tigerdirect page must be a newer version of it because it has an ATSC tuner, Component Video Out, and Optical Audio Out. Weird that the model number stayed the same...

Anyways lets be clear that HD shows recorded on this unit will be rendered onto DVD in NTSC format, presumably in letter boxed wide screen.
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What's An Analogue Tuner?

Old TVs used to have dials with click stops on them. That's my impression of an analogue tuner.

Personally I see no point in having a tuner in a DVD player/recorder. I have satellite tuners and a Shaw digital box (tuner). I pass the tuner output to the DVD device via S-Video cable. The DVD device is simply a pass-through device for these other tuners.

I have noticed that the patent of TiVO makes it difficult to get on-screen guides in Canada. A couple of my DVD recorders offer some crappy TV Guide on screen guide. This is linked to the tuner of the device and as I don't use the tuner, then it is totally useless. I do not know the financial aspect of this service. I understand that commercials are downloaded with the Guide. I don't know if the manufacturer also pays a fee. If new DVD devices don't have tuners, then any financial dealings with TV Guide are eliminated.
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Analogue tuner uses the NTSC format
Digital tuner uses the ATSC format.
Tons of info on DHC about the differences between them.

Personally I see no point in having a tuner in a DVD player/recorder. I have satellite tuners and a Shaw digital box (tuner). I pass the tuner output to the DVD device via S-Video cable.
You must pay a subscription fee (otherwise you are pirating) to use a satellite or shaw box. OTA users use the DVD player/recorder with ATSC tuner to record digital (including HD) programming without having to pay a BDU (cable/sat/iptv provider) a subscription fee. the DVD player/recorder is connected to an antenna to receive the Over the Air programming. That is the difference, and for some it is a huge point.
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Panasonic DVD-Recorders

As FOXFAN noted, Panasonic has decided to not include the ATSC tuners in the new Canadian DVD-Recorders. There is one exception: the DMR-EZ27K should be available now. It is on the Panasonic Canada website for $350. I was in a local store (Trutone Electronics on Bloor). They think they'll be able to order one for me soon (maybe this week).

I just got back from a vacation in Florida. At Best Buy, the DMR-EZ17 and the DMR-EZ27 were on sale for 180 USD and 237 USD, respectively. They also had the EZ37 and EZ47 but the prices weren't listed. I also saw an LG or Samsung DVD-Recorder with a digital tuner (sorry can't remember model numbers) for 200 USD.

It is pretty apparent, we Canadians are getting the shaft - both with model availability and the price.

BTW, as an aside, I think this forums ROCK! It has been a gold mine of info. I got my plasma TV set up with my OTA antennae (getting about a dozen channels). All thanks to this forum. Thanks Stampeder and colleagues.

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Could this unit(DMR-EZ17K) be used to receive the OTA digital signal, but display through a regular NTSC tv?
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post #41 of 690 (permalink) Old 2007-05-21, 12:12 AM
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peanuts, I checked the online manual.

yes it can be displayed on a regular NTSC tv, but.....

1) If you are trying to connect this unit directly to the NTSC tv you would need to use Component, S-Video, or composite connections. If the tv does not have these inputs, but only an RF input(s), an additional RF modulator would be required.

2) This unit cannot display/output HDTV content. It downconverts recieved HD content (720p and 1080i) to Standard Defintion (480P). Apparently it will maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio if a RAM disc is used for recording but if a DVD +/- R disc is used, the image will be reduced to 4:3 aspect ratio.
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Thank you 99gecko.

I would like to put up a 4228 and continue using my existing tv until I purchase a decent HDTV. Is an RF modulator something that can be found in the Toronto area? The Source, Sayal, etc.? Not sure if this would really be practical, but the DMR-EZ17K seems pretty reasonably priced at Tiger Direct.

thx in advance.
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post #43 of 690 (permalink) Old 2007-05-24, 12:52 AM
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You should be able to find an rf modulator in a department store (Canadian tire/Walmart), electronics store, even BB/FS or possibly even home depot.
If you have an older video game system, it might even have an external rf moluator. Or look for one at a garage sale - it's that time of the year !
If you have a VCR that has s-video or composite inputs, then you already have an rf modulator built-in. Just plug the DMR-EZ17K into the vcr.

Please note that the picture quality coming out of an rf modulator will be quite poor. You might see an improvement over analog OTA (no ghosting), but it will be minimal.
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post #44 of 690 (permalink) Old 2007-05-24, 12:44 PM
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Thanks, I appreciate your help 99gecko.
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Smile Phillips DVDR-3575H - DVR with Digital Tuner

After waiting months for the Panasonic DMR-EZ27 (DVD Recorder with ATSC tuner) to come out, I stumbled across the Phillips DVDR-3575H on the internet. The Phillips 3575H is a DVD Recorder with a 160GM HDD and ATSC tuner. Apparently, it recently came out (within a month or two).

Anyhow, I think I have finally found a decent solution to replace my Rogers SA8300HD, which is a very good piece of equipment. Right now, I've got the Roger PVR on a promotion. However, I have an outside antennae and will be getting my HD OTA by the end of the year. I wanted to have something to record digital programming.

Both the Panasonic and Phillips fit the bill. Note, however, neither will receive HD signals, only digital signals at standard definition. Except for TIVO, PC HDTV tuner cards, and cable boxes, I haven't found any DVDR or DVRs that record in HD in Canada.

I was ready to buy the Panasonic when I found the Phillips has a HDD. I did some research and it seemed okay. I bought it yesterday at Best Buy in Toronto (BTW, it is on sale this week for $350 - a $50 saving).

I've only had it a day now. My quick thoughts are that it has all the right stuff though not the easiest or slickest to use. The 3575H will:
- pause live TV
- time slip (aka chase) (i.e. you can watch a program that is already recording from the beginning)
- hi-speed dub to DVD
- upconvert to 1080p
- display digital signals but NOT display HD (as mentioned earlier)
- NOT have EPG (this is where the 8300HD wins hands down)
The Phillips' remote is a little unintuitive and the buttons are slightly small. Using the Phillips is a little unintuitive also. The Panasonic will probably have a slicker and more user-friendly interface. But the Panny doesn't have a HDD.

Those are my initial thoughts.
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