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TVIX R3310 Update

Just a correction. You can record all the time and replay things you miss. This function is Time Shifting on the TVIX and can be turned on and off. When on records the length of the buffer so if set for 2 hr you can go back 2 hrs.
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I need to give the TVIX R3310 some serious consideration. Any idea how the R-3300 series compares with the M-6500A and M-4100SH?
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M6500A and M4100 have more different media functions. You can add a tuner but it doesn't have PVR functions. So no pause, rew, ff, of live TV. I also haven't seen the M6500A sold with T411 tuner. R3310 also has audio/video input so you can record anything. I play a VCR through this input and it up converts. Old VHS movies have never looked so good.
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It seems to have 2 ATSC Tuners and have PVR Functions

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That Celrun product looks interesting but I wonder if it supports ATSC (probably yes since it is from Korea) and also whether it will ever be for sale in North America.
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TVIX Tuner

It appears that the macro blocking I was experiencing was caused by over boosting of the signal. My older TV's didn't care but the new Sharp and the TVIX tuner did. I replaced my $$ low loss splitter with an old cheapy to kill some of the signal. Signal strength is lower on the weak channels but overall picture quality is perfect. The R3310 is a great little PVR and I've got the Harmony remote working as well. Amazing what a couple of hours will do.
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Originally Posted by RustyHD View Post
The R3310 is a great little PVR and I've got the Harmony remote working as well. Amazing what a couple of hours will do.
In post I wrote about some disappointing (lack of) features in the DTVPal that made me decide not to buy it. Here are the same questions for the R3310...

1) Can I set the DVR's clock manually, and get it to ignore PSIP data? I don't believe we have digital TVGOS in Toronto.

2) Can I manually set the DVR to record a specific channel at a specific time, regardless of what shows up in PSIP/TVGOS?

3) A nice-to-have feature would be the ability to copy data off the drive in an unencrypted format.

You mentioned ftp'ing the .tp (transport stream) files. This implies that the R3310 runs a computer OS of some sort. Is that correct?

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Just to clarify point 1) above - there is digital TVGOS available in you get WNED-DT but it only has data (at the moment at least) for the 8 Buffalo ".1" channels and the WNED-DT subchannels. Nothing on any of the Canadian digitals. TVGOS does have a very good time signal as well - it handled the DST switch too. It is pretty much bang on with the NRC atomic clock.

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1. I have the clock set manually as PSIP clocks aren't even close. PSIP guide uses manual clock setting and works fine.
2. You can manually record regardless of PSIP and guide. You can record ATSC or NTSC channels, pick time, duration, and frequency. For frequency you can do M-F, Sat-Sun, once, weekly etc. If you have your clock set accurately and there is PSIP info, it puts the program name on your recorded file.
3. I have the TVIX box connected Ethernet to my router. You can specify up to 4 shared drives on the same or different computers. Once you figure out the language free symbols, you can copy recorded files to your computer hard drive with the remote. FTP doesn't work on large files, but is good for photos and music. I keep a copy of my digital photos on the hard drive and use FTP to copy them there.

When you copy files, they are large, so it takes a while. Format is *.tp and there are free downloads to convert to *.ts. Then there are programs to remove commercials and convert to MPEG. So you can do whatever you wish with your recordings. It also has AV input which I have a VCR plugged into. Input up converts, so VHS movies look pretty good. Press record and it converts them to MPEG files that you can burn on DVD's.

I don't think there is any computer OS on board. If there is, it would be a version of Linux.
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My sister uses a "GO VIDEO model DV1030A", I believe it is a VCR, DVD combo (2004), does anyone know if this has an ATSC tuner and can be used between the antenna and analog TV for receiving digital channels OTA...

I think we read it mentions NTSC Color standard...
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Over-the-Air PVRs

Are there any Personal Video Recorders that are compatible with just over-the-air ATSC broadcasts? i'd like to be able to record any digital signals i get and watch them later on... a bonus if it allows a connection to my computer.
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I've make a few posts this thread. The TVIX R3310 does all you ask. Tuner is ATSC/NTSC/Cable, recordings are transferable to a PC over network. Weak point is guide as it uses PSIP information. If you need a better guide you can use the DTVPalDVR. This uses TVGOS but doesn't work on a network. This has its own section to read.
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I think he didn't know about this thread when I merged his post into it, so the answer is a big yes, RingtailedFox, you have lots of PVR options for OTA.

For discussing the computer based methods please use the various OTA threads in the HTPC forum where i've moved a couple of posts.

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1080p DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Disk

I’m looking for a1080p DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Disk with no monthly fees.
I live near Montreal, Qc and capturing my TV signals via an AntennaCraft
5MS9000IR Mini-State omnidirectional antenna. My TV is a 46” Sharp Aquos. Regards

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I've been using the R3310 now for about 5 months and I've gotten rid of most of the quirks. One thing that irritated me was the A/V shutting off and restarting when 1080i programs showed 480i upconverted commercials. This seems to only happen with HDMI. I found if I used component video it works fine as long as the HDMI cable is not connected. Tuner is not as sensitive as Sharp Aquos but comparible to other TV tuners. If the Sharp signal is >60% R3310 picture is perfect. I only have one channel that is currently incompatible, 26-1,2. For some reason, if I tune this channel, it freezes and reboots. I removed this channel from the scan list. Otherwise, all channels appear clear with no anomalies in audio or video. Recording from PSIP guide works very nice, and channels without guide can easily be programmed. It has a manual clock option so OMNI's, City etc. don't mess things up. I like the multimedia functions for digital photos and camcorder movies, and if networked, these can be played right off your computer hard drive. Rumor has it that a dual ATSC tuner is in the works.
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