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BTW: FOIL Backed Insulation severely attenuates TV signals, as does the Chicken Wire in Stucco Walls (popular here in SOCAL)...also thick BRICK or STONE Walls.
Metal and Ceramic Tile Roofs (with lots of Carbon in the mix) are the worse, whereas Wood Shake Roofs have low attenuation when dry and HIGH attenuation when moist/wet.
Back when we re-roofed, my wife chose Light Blue Tile (helps us keep cool in the Summer) that uses a FiberCrete mixture...very light weight, fireproof and low attenuation.
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Thank you. Lot's of useful information and leads. I'm off to the lake for a week of golf. beer, and bridge with my brothers, then I will get going on this. I will consider it a learning experience complete with some failed experiments instead of a quick pop up no more problems. Next step, armed with some of the information I've picked up, will be to check with my local Best Buy and some other antenna people, and then put something up, see what happens, and get my feet wet.

I will keep poking around this fine forum until I've got what works for me. Thanks.

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Wonder if one of those flat round omni-directional antenna units would work in this instance; thinking the nearby stations are strong enough that gain isn't a major factor, just getting the antenna up in the clear would give good results. Can try it in the attic and if it doesn't work there, can move it out to the roof top.

Make sure you check late morning or afternoon so you are not picking up tropo...

I get PBS on ch16 here quite often, as well as ABC on channel 8 and KXJB CBS/NBC, and KNRR (really close by) on 12, all using a SBGH with no reflector and a cheap RCA pre-amp. The antenna is up about 40' side-mounted off a tower facing N/S so I get the Canadian channels from Winnipeg too. Just scanned, get one station on virtual ch4 with 10 sub-channels this am.

SBGH @ 46', 10' C-band, & various home made projects...
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Hello, checking back. I installed an antenna and rotor in my attic and I now get great reception.

I may have paid more for the antenna than necessary, but I am tickled pink with how well everything works. I now get these channels nice and clear: 4 (1-4); 8 (1-4); 10 (1,2); 11 (1-3); 16 (1-4); 17; 30 (1-3). I can also get channel 2, but it is not clear, nor do I care as the programing is the same as 16. Channel 4 does have some occasional quirks, but, in most cases, I am able to fix them with the antenna rotor.

I purchased this antenna at Best Buy:

It may (likely) be no better than one which cost half (or less than half) as much, but it was there and so was I, so what can I say. At least it works (and it does have a little VHF bar that apparently does the trick for FOX...if I am getting my FOX from the VHF tower East of me by Red Lake Falls (sort of) instead of the UHF station down by Fargo, which I think I am, as, reportedly, UHF FOX is a dicey pull in Grand Forks) All I know is that the FOX stations (10-1 and 10-2) now come in clear as a bell.

(and I was able to watch the Vikings fall apart with perfect reception... I hope that my putting up that antenna had nothing to do with their turn south).

I decided to install an antenna rotor. I didn't know if it would be useful or not, but as long as I was doing it, I decided I could just as well be hung for a sheep as a goat. I figured that locating the rotor in the attic would at least mean the thing would work well and long whether it was needed or not. (I have had problems with rotors exposed to wind and weather). And, as it has turned out, the rotor has, in my case, proven very useful for getting good reception with channel 4.

Generally speaking, just pointing the antenna SSE has worked very well for all stations. But, once in awhile, channel 4 gets squirrely and there is some pixel breakup. By rotating the antenna, sometimes more to the South, sometimes more to the East, I am usually able to dial the station back in. There is no pattern that I have been able to discern other than I have to stay between 100 and 180 degrees in order to find the new sweetspot. But, 90 percent of the time, somewhere around 150 degrees, give or take, works for all my stations.

I don't know what the issue is with channel 4's occasional lapses, but the rotor has proven very useful in dialing it back in when it goes squirrely (though once in a great while, nothing works).

The channel 4 tower is located SSW of me, but if I aim the antenna SSW, I get nothing. My guess is that in that direction, the roof shingles of the house come into play and they able to block 4's weak signal (the tower is approximately 90 miles away). But, the entire East half of the sky, 0-180, is blocked only by the uninsulated wood walls of the attic. So, my guess, (uninformed guess), is that I am picking up a reflected or indirect signal from channel 4 and that sometimes the dynamics of that reception, whatever they are, change and a little tweak in the antenna's orientation can cover the new situation.

I don't know what or why. But, I do know that rotating the antenna usually can improve the situation whenever channel 4 is acting up (though there are some nights when nothing helps, though such times are rare).

Anyway, that's my story. Thanks for your help and information.

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yes, I much prefer rotating the antenna from the comfort of my easy chair, than climbing
up on the roof when it's 0 deg F and windy, or 90 deg F and sunny.

DB4E/VHF Yagi rotor FM Bandstop ap-8700 preamp 4way split LG lcd.
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