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post #46 of 87 (permalink) Old 2012-04-05, 12:28 PM
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After six weeks as a Tektalk subscriber, I am pissed. The actual service was fine, no problems with installation, and after being sold out by Bell & Cogeco it was refreshing not having telemarketers phoning minutes after it was connected. But Tektalk completely bungled porting over my old number, and after six weeks of playing customer service phone tag it is now apparently gone.

So far between Cogeco (old provider) and Tektalk (new provider) I've been given five different reasons why my old landline number, a number I've had in Canada for fifteen years and the only reason why I was subscribing to Tektalk in the first place, is now gone. I've been through half a dozen providers and the complete incompetence and lack of any form of restoration or restitution is why I am soured on this hole of country as a whole.

1) I am out a few C-notes for hardware, installation, and subscription for a service that was never useful, and in fact harmful. Zero chance of me seeing any money back on wasted subscription fees or purchased hardware. Awesome.

2) The ten hours I've spent on hold being passed from one agent to another.


After SIX WEEKS of waiting for my landline number to be ported over I was finally told that you can not move addresses and switch to Tektalk at the same time. You MUST have a previous service at the address you wish to have an older number ported over to.

The fact that it took Teksavvy/Tektalk six weeks until somebody finally told me this, coincidentally after all payments have gone through and one day after my final Cogeco bill was paid, sniffs of underhanded dealing bordering on fraud to sign up new users.
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I have just arranged for Tek Savvy to provide cable internet in a house I'm moving to at the end of June. I thought ( for some reason ) that it made some sense to also have them provide the home phone service. Talking to one of their sales folks, I discovered that I could not maintain my current phone number ( that I have had for about 20 years ) unless I used their Voip service, but this forum is certainly giving me pause to question this - especially the previous post. Can anyone else verify the fact that you cannot move addresses and switch to TekTalk at the same time ?

We currently have Rogers Home Phone, and thought a cheaper alternative would be nice, but after the years of completely care-free service we've had, I'm thinking it might be better to stick with them.

I have looked for a thread regarding Vonage here, but can't seem to find anything current - are they that good that no one has had any issues with them ?
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Can anyone else verify the fact that you cannot move addresses and switch to TekTalk at the same time ?
Port BEFORE you move and you should have no problem.

FYI, I had Vonage for five years and was very happy with it. I moved to VoIP.ms because it was cheaper (but requires a little more tech savvy) and have been happy with its service also.
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new to tek savvy and looking for help

supplied my own modem and ata (therfore very limited support)

finally got internet working, but still having issue whit tek talk

i am at the point now where i can place out going calls, but all in coming calls just ring and ring but the call never get thru to me.

went from bell regular home phone to tek talk (ported number)

have tried all I have read in this thread with no luck

used mango's info to get rid of call delay;

( [23456789]11 | *xxx. | <:1>[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | 011xxxxxxx. | [#*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x][*x]. )

had to make one change. when i entered as is i would get a recording that i did not need to dial 1 before the call. removed <:1> and it seems to be working.

i am using a cisco spa122 ata and thomson rca modem

i have currently removed my router from the set up

tech from tek savvy said the correct conection path was moden, ata, router then computer.

he said when i had it hooked up moden, router then ata that the router was causing problems with the port opening for incoming calls. well i tried it his way and have even removed router and still no luck

have tried doing resets on all units via the reset buttons and hooked everything back up with same results.

anyone able to help me look and see if i am missing something in the settings?

p.s. this lack of support for not buying their ata is silly. if it does not work I will just end up cancelling thier service and then they are out my biz!

thanx in advance for any help
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post #50 of 87 (permalink) Old 2013-01-05, 12:19 PM
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Wondering if someone can help me out.......just got tektalk up and running and im problems with calls dropping. Its totally random, quite frustrating. The calls have all dropped before the 10 minute mark in the conversation, usually before 5 minutes. My set up is a Pace 4111n and the ata i purchased from teksavvy, i have nothing connected to the pace modem just using its wireless for my devices. I also changed the firewall settings in the modem to allow incoming traffic to the ata. Any help would be appreciated.
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post #51 of 87 (permalink) Old 2013-01-21, 04:12 PM
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I have TekTalk for about 4 months now and I had no issues. The porting of my number from Bell was without any issues.
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post #52 of 87 (permalink) Old 2013-02-22, 10:17 PM
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Kind of an old thread, but for anyone still having issues with call delays, you can also adjust the inter-digit timers.

On the admin control panel, with advanced settings selected, go to the regional tab. Under control timer values set the Interdigit Long Timer to 5 and the Interdigit Short Timer to 4.

If the delay is still too long for you, decrease the Long Timer by one and try again.
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post #53 of 87 (permalink) Old 2013-04-04, 03:11 PM
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Smile Tektalk

Got Teksavvy's Tektalk this week porting went without a hitch, service working fine.
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post #54 of 87 (permalink) Old 2013-04-04, 08:06 PM
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Thank you very much for posting and letting us know. I've a question if you have the time to answer; how would you compare TekTalk to a landline? Do any features work differently, or does the phone behave differently in any way?

Thanks. I'm glad to hear the port went well.
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@ Mango

I had switched from Rogers Home Phone to Tektalk and cannot say that there is any difference from the two. Although my number ported yesterday i have used Tektalk for about a month now. My family is still able to text the house via there cell phones and leave a message. I had looked at other Voip options was just not sure i was that teck savvy about it to set it all up, although i know this forum would have helped out. The ATA 122 was shipped from them setup and all i did was disable the DHCP option and put it behind my router. Time will tell i will report back later good or bad.
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I ordered TekTalk last night (after staying on hold for more than 1 hour) but the guy never gave me the authentication password for my phone number. I need that to enter into the OBI110 panel.

I hooked up the OBI110 to my router and can ping it but when I tried to use voip.teksavvy.com and my phone #, it came back with the following error

Register Failed: 403 From: URI not recognized

I called the new phone # using my cell and got a message from Bell saying this number has not been assigned yet. I am on hold with Tek again right now to get to the bottom of this. Very frustrating.
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TSI is not the company it was a few years ago. In my opinion, their customer service has become worse than Rogers and Bell. I had so many problems over the last couple of years that I cancelled all services with them. Except for a few low end packages, even their prices are not that appealing any more.
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post #58 of 87 (permalink) Old 2013-08-29, 10:41 PM
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I tried my darndest tonight to get TekTalk going with the OBI110 and I simply couldn't, after 2+ hours, so I had to call it a night and will tackle it over the weekend as we have friends coming tomorrow for dinner.

This is what I did

- Factory reset the OBI110 (I previously configured it to use a VoIP.ms account and it worked flawlessly)

- Connect the OBI110 to the router (DI-524) which in turn connects to the Teksavvy modem (Thompson DCM475), pretty straightforward setup

- I logged into the OBI110 and keyed in the server (voip.teksavvy.com), the phone number and the authentication password that I received from Teksavvy

- I made sure relevant settings are in place, courtesy of Mango's guide to configuring the Obi (http://www.toao.net/500-mangos-guide...and-obi202-ata)

- I rebooted the OBI and made an echo call. So far so good

- OBI shows my account is registered. I made an outgoing call and after about 40 seconds got a message saying *The number I dialed could not be contacted by the service provider*

- I used my cell phone to call the TekTalk # and the TekTalk phone keeps ringing and when I pressed Talk, all I got is busy signals.

So that's that. It looks like the Obi and the setup are working as they should be. So I am leaning towards the Teksavvy side, i called Tech Support and hung up after waiting for 30 minutes, I know they won't be able to give me much support because I didn't purchase the ATA from them but I was hoping they can shed some light.

Will tackle this again later on. Like I said, I got the OBI working with a VoiP.ms without any fuss, not sure what's the deal with TekTalk?
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For the last couple weeks I cannot answer a call.
The phone will ring, I see the CID show up and when I pick up the phone i get dead air. At the same time, the caller gets forwarded to voicemail...
At this point I cannot answer any calls.
I sent teksavvy support an email, but no answer from them...
Any ideas? is it a problem on their side, or some setting on the ATA??
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post #60 of 87 (permalink) Old 2014-01-07, 11:27 PM
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Please tell us the make and model of ATA that you are using, and also the make and model of the router (if it is behind a router).
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