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Originally Posted by Snrub View Post
* Connecting a call takes a long time. 10-20+ seconds sometimes.
Check posts #6 and #8 in this thread; does that resolve the problem?

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Pressing pound works, but the box is locked (semi-locked?) and I'm unable to get into the admin tab to permanently resolve the issue.

Just got off the phone with them again with lots of waiting. More BS about the other problems and they're not resolved. Very frustrating. The question now becomes how many more hours do I want to waste trying to work with them? I'm 50/50 whether I'm going to cancel the service. If I do hopefully I'll be able to get them to take back the ATA box.
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TekTalk Problems

Hello All,
Finally Iditched Bell and went with TekSavvy TekTalk.
The sign up was painless. I requested the porting of my number from Bell be done 30 days after Teksavvy gives Bell notice. I have received the modem plug it in worked fine with a temporary number. Voice quality was excellent.

Two week later, I got a phone message informing me that my number will be ported on that same day, two and half weeks earlier than the agreed date.

The nightmare begins. For two and half week I was with no phone, apparently they lost my ported number. Everyday for two and half weeks, twice a day taking to tech support and troubleshooting with no resolution. Promises were made to escalate the ticket after spending 2 hours on the phone with TS. Finally, I gave up and asked for my LAN line back, the person on the other said she would escalate the ticket to the server technician, I told her it was supposed to be escalated two weeks ago, she replied it was never escalated. She put me on hold and made sure that the technician got the ticket. Less than 24 hours later, the phone was working.

The phone worked like a charm and the quality was excellent for one and half months.

Five days ago, I could not dial out. When I dial out, I get a message saying "your call can not completed due to the telephone company problem" I thought that it might be a maintenance update or something of that sort. However, I can receive calls.
I called tech support today, waited 20 minutes. A nice and helpful person on the other end. Made him listen to the message, did some troubleshooting but no avail. He politely said that the problem might be on their end and someone will look into it and will get back to with 24 to 48 hours. Fingers crossed.

I have my cable internet with Teksavvy, I have no complaints whatsoever.

I do understand that Tektalk is a new service, thus, I give them time to work the kinks in the system. At some point my patience will wear out and I will be forced to look for another phone service.
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Originally Posted by Snrub View Post
Pressing pound works
The fact that TekSavvy doesn't even have their act together enough to ship their ATAs with a proper dial plan speaks volumes to their incompetence, inexperience, and lack of professionalism. Given your post, it sounds like the dial plan is the least of your problems. I have no idea why they think they can successfully offer this product without having even rudimentary knowledge of the technology or putting forth any effort. All they're going to do is hurt the industry. THIS is what makes people say "VoIP doesn't work".

To answer your statement about audio, VoIP should not have mediocre audio quality. VoIP that is properly set up should - at a MINIMUM - sound every bit as good as a landline.

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My VOIP (not TekTalk) sounds as good as a POTS line. That is unless I am talking to Teksavvy. Then it sounds terrible and is riddled with dropouts. The POTS line is the same so the problem is with Teksavvy's phone system. If that's what TekTalk sounds like, I feel sorry for anyone who is using it.

At 20 I had a good mind. At 40 I had money. At 60 I've lost my mind and my money. Oh, to be 20 again. --Scary
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As someone who has used many VoIP providers, and is familiar with dial plans, I support Mango's comments 100 percent.
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Unhappy VOIP Nightmare

I've been a happy Teksavvy internet customer for several years and even moved my phone service to Teksavvy (through Bell). When they announced their VOIP service I happily purchased a Cisco phone adapter (from Teksavvy) and subscribed to the service.

Then the problems began....I have had all the phone issues mentioned in other posts and a few more; however, the worst thing is I cannot make an outgoing call....it reverts to a fast busy.

I have raised several tickets via EMail waited the requisite 24 hours and had no response. In mid-September the same thing happened and I ended up launching a complaint with the CCTS (total downtime 5 days). Now less than a month later, again, I cannot make outgoing calls....same thing for service...report and wait ...report and wait. Yesterday I launched a BBB complaint. Downtime this round is now at the 4 1/2 day mark and counting.

I once thought Teksavvy had good service but they are burning through 7 years of good will very quickly.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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dougF: Do you have your TekSavvy adapter connected directly to your modem? If not, give that a try, and be sure its IP Address is a public one rather than one that begins with 192. You will need to insert your PPPoE login details into your ATA. It's been a long time since I've done this so I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to give you better details, but hopefully someone else here will if you can't figure it out. There have been some reports of Speedtouch modems interfering with VoIP when they are acting as a router, so if you aren't already set up this way, it would be a good thing to try.

To anyone who is having a problem in which you make an outgoing call and get a reorder (fast busy) tone: do you have access to the system tab in admin/advanced? If so, let's set up a syslog server and find out why the call is getting rejected.

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Several posts removed.

The subject is TekSavvy TekTalk (VoIP) Experiences

This thread is NOT about Teksavvy Internet service, it is about the Teksavvy VOIP service.
We have several threads in the following forum where you can discuss Teksavvy Cable and DSL internet service.

Please confine your comments in this thread to discussing the VOIP service.
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Re: TekTalk Problems

16 days later, my tektalk worked for 10 minutes. I safely can say that I spent no less than 75 hours waiting on hold, speaking with tech support and trouble shooting. Needles to say, I switch back to LAN line. I hope the transition to LAN goes smoothly, I'll keep you posted. The switch will occur on the 31st of October.

I am now trying to get some money back for the ATA and the time that tektalk did not work. I will keep everyone posted.

Too bad Teksavvy dropped the ball on this one. If they ever get their act together on tektalk I might consider tektalk. The reason is it worked great when it worked and voice quality was excellent.
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The issues you're having sound to me like they exist on Teksavvy's end... nothing to do with your ATA.

I have 6 VoIP lines in my home, from 3 different providers. (Callcentric, Link2voip, and Voip.MS) which I setup myself. I've never had any issues like you've described.

I'm using 3 SPA2100 ATA's ... I password protect them and then connect them to a DMZ port on my router... this way they are not fire-walled... no risk of blocked ports.
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Angry VOIP Nightmare

An update, I have not been able to make an outgoing call for 17 Days now. Teksavvy said they "escalated" the problem over a week ago.

My service was up for a few weeks then went down so I beleive the problem is on Teksavvy's end.

Imagine not being able to make a call from your home phone and your provider ignoring your "EMail" pleas for help.

This is not the service one expects from any vendor.
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dougF, with all due respect, Mango gave you an excellent suggestion on resolving the problem 13 days ago and you never responded.

If you are not going to help yourself then why post?
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I signed up with TekSavvy the first week of August, for both internet and voip. No issues at all with the internet, I am using my own SMC gateway.

The first Linksys voip adapter I was shipped was a brick though. I hadn't used voip before, and spent about 10 hours trying to troubleshoot. This forum was a huge help in that. The instructions that come with the unit are sub par. I am not a superuser, but I have been around computers for 30 years, and can follow instructions if they exist.

Many calls to them to have another Linksys box shipped, but it came, and worked well. I also had the delay, but it wasn't too obtrusive.

Until the 26th of October. Now, I, like a poster above, cannot dial out.
I called TekSavvy from work, but was told there are no issues with the account, or on their end. I connected the voip adapter to my computer, but it needs a username/ password to access, which I don't have. So, I can't try Mango's advice to resolve. Nothing was changed on my end at all during the last few days.

Last edited by Kwai Lo; 2011-10-28 at 12:23 AM. Reason: I had the 6th of Oct, should read 26th
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If anyone is interested in troubleshooting some more, let us try to factory reset and re-provision your ATA. If your ATA is also your router, and it handles your PPPoE login, be sure to have your TekSavvy login details handy; you will need them in order to connect to the internet when we're done.

1. Reset the router to factory defaults by dialing the following in a phone connected to line 1:
a) Dial ****. You should hear a recorded menu.
b) Dial 73738# and then confirm by pressing 1.

2. Using a PC directly connected to the ATA, visit this website:

3. Click "Voice", then "Admin Login", then "Advanced", and finally the "Provisioning" tab

4. Enter the following in the "Profile rule" field and save your changes.
[--key $SN] https://p.teksavvy.com/spa/$MA

5. Once the ATA is finished saving the changes, make a test call. If it doesn't work, power down all your equipment, wait 30 seconds, and then power everything up, starting with the modem, then router if you have a separate one, and then VoIP ATA, waiting some time in between to allow each device to fully boot.

6. Make a test call. If it works, wait 10 minutes and verify that incoming calls also work.

Please let me know if this procedure works.

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