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VoIP.ms call termination issues

I've been with VoIP.ms for a few years now, and have helped many people on this forum - though not as much as Mango. :-)

For the past month to 6 weeks, I've been experiencing strange issues on outbound calls. Most of the issues have been to the Halifax area. Tonight I tried calling the Bell voicemail number to retrieve some voicemail that I have on my Bell line. I dialed the 902-429-6245 number 12 times in total. 8 out of the 12 calls were met with a recording, "Desole, vous avez composez la mauvais numero - The number you have dialed is not in service". Looking in the call log, it shows that I dialed 902-429-6245 and that is definitely a working Bell number and has been in service for at least 30 years now. It's the main voicemail number in Halifax if you have Bell service there.

Occasionally I'm also getting messages, "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Distributel" I call back and the next time it usually works. The calls all show up in the log --> same number dialed each time.

I have a friend living in Halifax running a business. She's been on my case daily lately with issues. She's been experiencing the same issues as mine above, but one of the other issues she is having is when she dials a number, the number people see on their call display is 902-482-8086. This used to happen once in a while, but now it happens more often than not. Especially when dialing numbers commencing with 902-456-xxxx. She has her customers and suppliers telling her the number showing is 902-482-8086. We reported it to VoIP.ms. They said, "You should be using premium routing if you want to avoid that because caller id is not guaranteed on the value routing."

She did not want to pay the extra money as it's 2.4% more expensive than the regular value routing. However, today was the last day for her. She was ready to throw her phones out the window with the complaints she's been getting and she has been having issues dialing numbers too. So she switched her service over to premium routing. This was at 11:15 this morning. Since then, twice this afternoon while dialing local Halifax numbers guess what, 902-482-8086 showed up. When you call the number back you get a message stating, "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please hang up now."

This is very bad for a business, and I can completely understand her frustrations. Her and I together have filled up pages of examples where this stuff is happening in the VoIP.ms ticket. After switching over to premium and still having this issue we are completely beside ourselves right now. It's so very disappointing.

Something has changed recently (within the past 2 months) at VoIP.ms because premium quality is behaving like value quality. Surely they would not be charging customers more money and sending the calls through the same routes? That would be misleading now wouldn't it?

Last week they had a day where 8 calls would not complete. The Distributel message would come on. After they redial the number, it works (usually). There was one instance where she had to redial it twice before it would work. After keying pages and pages, we got a response from VoIP.ms stating they have tested the numbers we gave them and they all appear to be working. Let us know if you have any more issues. It's like we were blown off. Our first write-up to VoIP.ms indicated it works one minute, not the next. We gave examples with the unique ids of calls that did not work, and to hear "Everything works when we try" is very annoying. It's enough to say that we are lying about the constant issues that we are having. We've started recording our outgoing calls for proof of the issues.

I call a lot of Ottawa numbers too, and I never have issues calling Ottawa. It's always Halifax. Whatever carriers they are using in Halifax suck, and to make matters worse, the charge is higher when you call a Halifax number.

At this point the store owner is not satisfied with VoIP.ms. It's been several months of issues and lately the outgoing calls are pathetic. I will never recommend a business to use VoIP.ms again as a provider unless this company gets things working and stops using carriers who cannot seem to handle the traffic.

I'd be very interested in knowing if any of you are experiencing these same issues.
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It's not news that Caller ID isn't guaranteed on the value route (that's one reason it's cheaper) but it's not good that it also isn't reliably working on the premium route. I'm curious about this because Distributel has a reputation for being a pretty decent carrier.

I tried the Bell number you gave on the Montreal server, 10 times each on Value and Premium. It worked for me, though that doesn't mean there isn't a problem. One possible cause is that someone is running out of capacity during peak hours. Have you been able to reproduce the problem in the evenings? I'll give it a try again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Are you two on the Montreal server?

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My CDR tonight showed that calls to 902-468 were billed as "Turkey -Other". Something is certainly odd...
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For anyone on Toronto, there was a load balancer installed there within the last day or two. I believe there was a brief issue that made 10-digit dialing not work (and exhibit the symptoms that 99semaj reported) but that should be solved now. If it's still going on, I'd throw a ticket in.
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Hi Mango,

We've been bouncing around to different servers trying to determine if one is better. I wondered if there might be some special coding done to my friend's account. So I signed up a brand new account, set it to premium on the Toront2 server, and reprogrammed their system to choose that line. You can often tell the difference between value and premium due to the sound of the ring. On value, the ring sounds jittery while on premium the ring is more solid. Not always, but often. All day yesterday the ring was jittery and then we find out that the caller id isn't working. In the log the calls all read *0.0125 for the cost.

I decided to switch to the New York server yesterday evening. Try calling 902-429-6245 from that server. It's really not working well. I noticed the system charged us for the recordings too. Usually there's no charge on a recording.

Most of the time we use Montreal2 because the pings are better. Today we have switched from Montreal2 to Toronto2 and we are using premium routing.

For caller id on value, over the past year we never once had anyone ask us, "What number is this you are calling from today?" Over the past month, almost every call the store makes comes up with 902-482-8086. It was never this frequently before. The value route has become totally useless. However, now we've got 902-482-8086 showing up on the premium routing. It's as though VoIP.ms has special coding on our account to send this out regardless of what route we use. Could they be trying to force us to use premium? I've got a dozen emails from them stating we should be using premium and all of a sudden we are having mega caller id problems. So I can't help but wonder what's going on. It's very sneaky if they did this.

I hope to God it works better today and that the correct number shows up. The value route has gotten really bad. We have at least 12 WAVs with the Distributel recording. The store processes around 100 calls per day this time of the year. Since volumes are high, they are more likely to find problems as opposed to a residential user, and lately problems have been daily.

Thanks for your feedback.
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I can reproduce at least one issue this morning. Testing further...
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Thank you Mango. At least we know it's not just us that this is happening to.

We are still using premium and at least one person mentioned the 902-482-8086 is showing so far today. The ring tone is also warbly like it often is on value. They have definitely changed something, and premium is no longer premium.

As far as we can tell, the only difference between premium and value for Halifax numbers is the price!
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The issue with 902-429-6245 at least is not related to VoIP.ms. I called that number from five different carriers and was able to reproduce the issue with all but one. In fact, with one carrier I had to try five or more times just to get through.

I found some other numbers with that same carrier and was not able to reproduce the issue. Same with other numbers in that rate centre.

FYI, the carrier that worked properly (at least in my 11 tests) is Trunk 70 from CallWithUs.

Unfortunately I don't have a Caller ID Test number in Halifax, so I'm not sure I can help you troubleshoot that

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Do you use a PBX? If so you may want to investigate CallWithUs. They're pay-as-you-go, just like VoIP.ms, and I believe their minimum deposit is only $5. Last I checked, they do not offer DIDs and e911, only termination.

What's unique about CWU is that you can select the trunk you want to use. If you find one you like you can just stick with it. Some of their trunks support outgoing CNAM. They have rated their trunks with varying levels of quality and varying prices - some around VoIP.ms' value pricing.

Since individual trunks can go down, you would want to configure your PBX so that it would use a few that you like in a round-robin fashion.

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Thanks once again Mango. It's also great that you were able to determine the 429-6245 number is not just having issues with VoIP.ms. None of the other numbers called today had any trouble, except for the caller id issue. There have been 61 calls in and out of the business so far today. All calls completed. We don't have an actual number of how many times the caller id did not work on outbound calls because it's usually when the suppliers are called that they will mention a strange number is showing on their display. Most customers being called would not think to ask that. Bell cell phones start with 902-456-xxxx. That's one of the exchanges. Several people have cell phones that are being called and it almost never works when calling cell phones.

I have updated the ticket yesterday asking why we are still having outbound caller id issues but being charged for premium routing where caller id is supposed to be guaranteed.

Thanks for your tips regarding CallWithUs. I saw that website years ago, but never investigated further. Yes we are using an Asterisk PBX via trixbox so we could easily setup more trunks and start using this company to see if it's any better. We sure have had a full 2 months of enormous issues lately with VoIP.ms and we are all very worn out from all of the complaints coming in from these issues.

I'm really disappointed because I always considered VoIP.ms the best. The call quality has deteriorated greatly in the Halifax region, and the Distributel error messages happening on every other call were unacceptable. So I'm definitely going to be looking into these other options.

Once again Mango I cannot thank you enough.
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Hi Mango,

On another issue relating to VoIP.ms regarding phone telephone listings. We asked VoIP.ms at one time if the store number could be listed in the white pages, and they said at $2. per month it could be. So we held off on it until it came time for the phone book deadline. So around January we contacted VoIP.ms again to ask to have our number added to the white pages and then they said they could not do it. They said they checked with the provider of the store's number and they will not do it. As a result, the business is not in the phone book white pages, and Directory Assistance has no listing for the business.

This is really bad for the store which has been in business since 1958. This is the first time in 53 years that the store was not listed in the white pages. A customer called the other day stating she had a hard time finding the number to the store because it's not in the book.

I called Bell yesterday and they said they are not responsible for the book. I then called the Yellowpages and they said they only look after the yellow pages listings and the store was already paid for and there. They said Bell, Rogers, Eastlink, Shaw, Telus look after white page listings and you'd have to call them. Well, of course I already did and got nowhere.

Have you ever heard tell of such a situation? How can VoIP.ms offer service to businesses yet not list them in the phone book? The owners of the store are very upset right now and I feel bad because I brought VoIP.ms to them.

Do you know of any entity that would allow them to put their store listing in the white pages?

Thanks again.
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VoIP.ms finally replied to our ticket around lunch time today stating that the reason premium routing was not working for us was because they put our service on a special route. They said they removed it. It's strange though, because all yesterday afternoon and today we were being billed the premium rates, yet we were on value route. There was no credit for the calls that were actually made through the value route.

A credit is the least of problems. Around 5:15 pm eastern calls could not get through and even the failover was failing. In the call log there are entries of calls coming in and failing. Then the 3 cell numbers were tried via the VoIP.ms server and those 3 calls failed too. It definitely isn't an issue on our end. So let's say our phone number is 444-4444 and the cell phones are 555-5555, 666-6666, and 777-7777. Here's what happened:

Customer number 902-222-2222 called 444-4444 --> FAILED
Customer number 902-222-2222 failover to 555-5555 --> FAILED
Customer number 902-222-2222 failover to 666-6666 --> FAILED
Customer number 902-222-2222 failover to 777-7777 --> FAILED

This is what our log looks like from this evening. There's no mention of the Toronto2 server being down on the website. We received no emails from VoIP.ms stating they were adjusting anything on our line - nothing. It is working now, but this is crazy.

We sent VoIP.ms another email asking what is now going on with Outbound calls.
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call termination , distributel , value vs premium route , voip.ms

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