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This topic is of interest to Canadians who live in Border areas that are not major U.S. cities.

LP (Low Power) stations are a product of the Reagan de-regulation era of the early 1980s and are considered ugly stepchildren by regular broadcasters. LP stations are analogue and are allowed to operate at a mere fraction of the ERP of regular stations in non-competing locations, but they are also allowed to take another distant channel's programming at no cost to themselves and rebroadcast it using simsubbing of local commercials.

Nobody has told LP stations to go digital, but with the fact of the DTV conversion going forward, the LP stations went to court to force a decision to keep analogue tuners available to consumers. The court would not intervene, so the DTV changeover continues full speed. Now the LP stations are asking for government funding to convert to digital.

People from the Vancouver area and Vancouver Island have been hoping for quite some time that DTV LP stations will come up as SeaTac station repeaters since the original stations seldom reach most of the Canadian areas.
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