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Pioneer 5080 vs 5010 is it worth 1K?

I have a chance to grab up either of these 50" plasmas at a substantive discount. The questions I am wrestling with are #1 they are both display sets but appear to be in great shape, there is about 1k difference between the sets, the deal puts them at least $500 less than the nearest sale price for the 5010 and $700 less than what the 5080 seems to be going for at the two major chains. I did check out the Elite versions but I don't think I can justify the price difference given the feature set improvements or the warranty issue.
Anyone who has experience with these sets and or with buying a display set I would welcome your input. I had toyed with the newer Panasonic 800 and 850 but think the Pioneer sets will still be the better panel. Thoughts or comments? And the deal has to be done before Sunday. Thanks.
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