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Opinions are subjective and really of little value in making your decision if you're "torn between 2 models". If you read the forums you'll find thousands of opinions for and against various technologies, manufacturers and models. None of them can make up you mind for you though, unless you want to make a buying decision by keeping score of what gets good opinion reviews and what doesn't. My opinion is that this isn't the right path - you should buy what your own eyes tell you is delivering the best picture in your own opinion.

I'd suggest that a better tactic would be:

1) find a retailer that has a no-quibble return policy (*make sure* in advance they won't hassle you if the unit has been used for 30 days and you return it - Costco allows 90 days on all TV's, no questions asked).

2) if you're really torn and can't make up you mind, flip a coin. Otherwise, pick whichever one you like better.

3) buy it and live with it for 30 days (or 90, whatever the return policy is)

4) if you have no regrets at the end of the test period, then you're done.

5) if you have regrets, go back to step 3 with your other choice. Repeat as often as necessary to satisfy yourself that you got the right model.

I did this 4-1/2 years ago when looking for a 32" CRT HDTV. I went thru 2 models of Panasonic (my trials & tribulations spanned over a model year change) and one Toshiba before finally landing on the Sony KV32HS510. The retailer I was dealing with was *very* flexible and helpful, and was clear that they wanted me to be happy above anything else. I will definitely buy from them again because of their great service.

Funny thing about my past experience - the Sony is what I really wanted to start with, but I ended up trying the Panasonic(s) and the Toshiba because they were several hundred dollars cheaper, but in the end, I spent almost 6 months of pain to realize that you get what you pay for. It's no cliche.

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