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Originally Posted by smp01
Does it act as a 2nd tuner card? (That would be super bonus)

These HD-PVR boxes are only a single STB enabling device. For each "tuner", you need one HD-PVR. So for a 3 way setup, you need 3 STBs and 3 HD-PVR boxes.

On the subject of pie in the sky wishes, they are supposedly answered by way of the PVR you can get from BEV, *C or your cable company. TiVo has the series 3 HD unit that NEEDS CableCARD but where CC will likely never be available in Canada, this is a non-starter.

And further, the TiVo Series 3 in no way addresses all of the BEV and *C customers.

This HD-PVR is intended to be the "holy grail" of HD capture devices that allows any HD cable or satellite STB to be recorded in near 100% HD quality. All of this capturing is to be done with an HTPC.

HTPCs are BY FAR, the unrivaled champion of the world when it comes to total PVR/media content management. Out of all of the HTPC solutions, the most competitive are Sage and Beyond, with SageTV offering by far, the most overall comprehensive collection of tools, devices, and software.
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