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Mark, would you know when The Tudors may be returning?

Also just a note from last night.
At 19.00 h there was Geologic Journey. The scheduled episode was "The Appalachians" but the aired was "The Rockies". I was just trying to confirm this, but schedule did not work a moment ago.
(it's just a note; there is no way I would ever complain about this, as it is better than anything SD on programme).
Also last night there was "The Trojan Horse" at 20.00 h, the PSIP indicated TVMA rating for it. Now I assume it is American-made thing and you can only choose from among US-formats, but I can't remember what was indicated at start of the movie (was it 14+ or actually 18+). I did not even see rating logo after 21.00 - at the start of second hour of it.
Also, at my end at 21.00 h (local) picture froze for about 1 minute. Don't know if this was a source problem. I tend not to report things like this due to my unconventional means of reception (PC) but this time it seemed not caused on my end.
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