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The request to convert channels 5 and 6 to FM uses was denied by the FCC. See FCC 08-72 "Memorandum opinion and order on reconsideration
of the Seventh report and order and eighth report and order

Adopted: March 3, 2008 Released: March 6, 2008

Mullaney Engineering, Inc. (“MEI”) and EME Communications (“EME”) have filed petitions requesting that the Commission eliminate the requirement in Section 73.525 of the Commission’s rules that new FM stations protect channel 6 DTV allotments or, alternatively, that it altogether eliminate channel 6, and possibly channel 5, from the digital TV allotment process and allocate that corresponding spectrum to the FM service.[1] Dan Priestley and Robert E. Lee’s comments supported MEI’s proposal to reallocate TV channels 5 and 6 to FM broadcasting.[2] For the reasons discussed below, we deny these requests."
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