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In reply to JGP I'm just a regular watcher like anyone else, just that I feel Setanta is over-criticised for some things (not all) because they are, in Canada, the new kid on the block. For example
1. Did you see the PQ on Fox's week end FA Cup coverage, esp. the Man Utd game? Much poorer than Setanta and I switched over to a match running on Setanta at the same time to confirm that. It surely has to be the quality of the signal coming from UK?
2. For Wayne, how many times has it to be explained that the putting of the big rugby games on PPV is not Setanta's doing but a decree from the IRB. Setanta probably does the best it can by putting it on tape delay as soon as the IRB will allow. I'm sure it will be the same with the Six Nations. In a similar vein that's why all matches involving Rangers and Celtic are on at least a 48 hour delay - it's because the Rangers and Celtic clubs in Canada hold exclusive rights and invoke this minimum 48 hours.
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