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There are few more die-hard sports fans than yours truly but even I'm baffled by the appeal of those magazine style programmes. Most of them are just filler, at best. Others are full of overhyped nonsense and blatant marketing of brands and products that resemble infomercials. I can see the point to a hughlights programme for sporting events they don't show live or at a convenient time (eg. Dutch football) but the last thing Setanta needs is even more EPL.

Although I was also annoyed by the way the Canadian rugby team played - so much so that I was glad Japan equalized at the end of that match - I agree with Wayne that the Irish analysts went overboard and started piling on. (Did they see how the Irish played?!) Another commentator - Mark Robson from my hometown of Belfast - was very anti-New Zealand in an unprofessional way, while other analysts, predictably, denigrated England. I also agree there way too much emphasis on Ireland - the team I was supporting. The launch of Setanta seemed very last minute and I'm willing to believe that they will become a little less parochial as they develop an international audience. We'll see.

Also in fairness to Setanta I don't believe they were trying to soak the Canadian rugby fan by putting the good matches on PPV only. I think that was explained earlier in this thread. Blame the International Rugby Board for that. Expect the Six Nations to be the same.

Anyway, I don't anticipate subscribing unless their coverage of Aussie rugby league is extensive or they add some cricket.
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